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Simple tip on how to avoid low-quality email lists.

IMPORTANT:  Never buy an email list without a minimum 60% Email-Name Affinity Rate Guarantee.  Low quality email lists have an email-name affinity rate way below 60%.  Thus, demanding a minimum 60% email-name affinity guarantee is a sure way for avoiding junk email lists – saving yourself money and headaches.  Read on for details on this topic. 

Countless third-party email prospecting campaigns fail for one simple: low quality email list. What is a low-quality email list? How does one know if a purchased email list is low quality … BEFORE using the email list? Email list quality should be determined by a combination of evaluators, though this page will focus on one of the most common email list evaluators: Email Name Affinity Rate. Email Name Affinity simply represents the similarity between the person’s name and their email address. For example, guess which below email address belongs to “Mark Smith.”

ANSWER: Of course, is the answer, but way too often marketers will buy an email list where majority the email addresses have no affinity to the corresponding contact name … meaning low-quality email list!

WHY DOES EMAIL NAME AFFINITY RATE INFER QUALITY: From thousands of email campaigns – we have seen higher email open/clicks rates with email lists with a high Email Name Affinity Rate – than email lists with a low rate. We believe the success stems from the fact that primary email addresses typically have a high Email Name Affinity Rate.

PRIMARY VS SECONDARY EMAIL ADDRESSES: Most people have multiple email addresses. There is the primary email address - which is checked daily, and then there are secondary and tertiary email addresses. Secondary and tertiary email addresses are typically shared with entities with whom the user doesn’t expect a lasting relationship, or in situations in which their email may be available to the public. These secondary and tertiary emails rarely have a correlation with the person’s name.  Low-cost data sellers mainly have secondary and tertiary email addresses since they’re prevalent and very easy to acquire, many of which are scraped from the web for free.

WHAT IS A GOOD EMAIL NAME AFFINITY RATE? 60%! Never buy a prospecting email list unless the data seller guarantees a 60% Email Name Affinity Rate … meaning at least 60% of the email addresses have an affinity/similarity to the contact name. Some dubious data sellers will guarantee 100% email delivery rate, though 100% will still give you failure if your offer goes to a tertiary email address that the recipient never checks!

SIDE NOTE: Of course, it goes without saying the one cannot compute the Email Name Affinity Rate if the list doesn’t have contact names. Thus, never … ever … buy an email list without a corresponding contact name and postal address. Email list sellers that can’t provide a quality corresponding contact name and postal address with the email list is a scammer … pure and simple!


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