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Use retargeting ads to bring back your website visitors

WHAT IS RETARGETING: A form of advertising that uses pixels to identify website visitors, and then via an ad exchange the advertiser serves ads to the website visitor as the visitor surfs around the web. And sure – we have all experience the wonders of retargeting. You visit a website and peek at golf clubs, and then you leave to read a news article – and while surfing you start seeing ads for the exact same golf clubs that you viewed a few minutes earlier. That’s retargeting!

WHY DO RETARGETING ADVERTISING? For the simple reason that a whopping 95+ percent of your new website visitors will not purchase on first visit to your website. Those who don’t do retargeting advertising are losing majority of their potential customers. People are busy so remarketing offers a reminder about your brand / offer … a gentle reminder to re-visit your website and finish what they started.  Each remarketing ad helps your abandoned website visitors get to know you better, and eventually when they have a free moment … the re-marketing ads provide that reminder - incentive to revisit your website and complete what they started.


Low Cost with Huge ROI: Since retargeting ads are delivered to people who have already visited your website – retargeting ads have a huge ROI … out-performing every other type of ad medium … nothing compares!

Increase Brand Awareness: The more often your website visitors see your brand – the more likely they will trust your brand AND remember your brand.

Major Boost in Conversion Rates: Retargeting ads mean your brand/offer will always be in the mind of your website visitors, which helps explain why multiple studies show that website visitors are significantly more likely to become customers because of retargeting ads.

Right Place at the Right Time: Rarely are people ready to buy on the spot, though after days of pondering when someone is finally ready to buy … your brand will be there … just at the right time and place.


YOUR ADS ARE SERVED TO ALL AD NETWORKS: Your retargeting ads have access to all major ad networks … engaging your abandoned website visitors wherever they go … Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, Yahoo, etc.

YOUR ADS ON PREMIUM SITES: Sure, seems there are an infinite number of players offering retargeting ads, thus we differentiate ourselves by the fact that your retargeting ads will focus on 500+ premium ad networks and ad exchanges … premium sites like Meredith Publishing, Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, WSJ, WebMD, NYT, Tribune Publishing, etc. Bottom-line, with us, your retargeting ads will have access to all premium sites … quality sites will generate more clicks … higher ROI.

YOUR ADS DRIVEN BY PROVEN AI: When your ads are placed – where your ads are placed – and what type of ads are placed … will be decided by an AI powerhouse machine built by analyzing “tens of thousands” of ad campaigns … predicting / refining ad placement decisions by the “second” … expert machine learning that will optimize your retargeting campaign results!

DYNAMIC RETARGETING OPTION: If your website offers an array of products, then we offer dynamic ads … meaning the type of ads we serve will change (dynamic) relative to which web pages were viewed. If your visitor was focusing web pages relating to European travel offers – then this visitor will mainly be served European travel ads. If the website visitor was focusing on travel pages relating to China, then the retargeting ads will center around China. 

RETARGETING COST IS REASONABLE:  Retargeting campaign will have a setup fee and the standard ad agency commission tied to the campaign budget.  Not possible to quote exact cost for the ads since ad rates are determined in real-time within the digital marketplace – ad exchanges. The typical route is to simply set a budget, and once the budget is used the campaign will stop. Contact your data specialist for details on all cost variables. 

RETARGETING REPORTING:  Each month the advertiser shall receive a detailed performance report showing a variety of metrics.  CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) are the most common metrics to measure campaign success.  And the common metrics are provided not just for the overall campaign but also for each ad type … data to help determine which ads to scale (increase budget) and which ads to adjust/delete. 

TRACK CONVERSIONS:  The retargeting performance report can also track conversions.  Just let us know how you define a conversion (purchase, submitting a form, downloads content, etc), and the performance report will include cost per conversion … return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) … aka return-on-investment. 

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