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In today’s intensely competitive environment – knowledge about customers is the lifeblood of any organization. The more knowledge a marketer has about a customer … the more likely the marketer will keep that customer …. AND … gain new customers.

To help in this quest for knowledge about customers, DMDatabases offers an extensive data enhancement (business data append / consumer data append) service. For consumer marketers we can append hundreds of different demographics (age, net worth, neighborhood type, marital status, etc) and psychographics / lifestyle data. For the B-T-B marketer we offer an equally impressive data enhancement package … consisting of pertinent data like primary business type, secondary business type, ad budget, credit, years-in-business, minority owned, etc.

But data is only half the equation. To maximize the power of raw data appended to your customer file, DMDatabases offers a multitude of customer profiling and modeling reports that will turn your raw data into actionable insights. Below are some of our research/analytical reports.

Business Location Socioeconomic Report
Business Market Growth Report
CHAID Analysis
Cloning Generator
Customer Predicative Analysis
Demographic Profile
Geographic Profile Report
Lifestyle Profile
Location Population Analysis
Market Availability Report
Market Penetration Report
Multi-Variate Regression Analysis
New Site – Location Analysis
Response Source Analysis
Salesperson Performance Analysis
Of course each of the above analytical reports represents a unique marketing objective / application. Some reports have the objective of aiding your business mailing lists / consumer mailing lists selections … while others are focused on maximizing the value of your in-house database.

To gain a better understanding of which reports may work best for you call one of our experienced analysts … who will suggest the best analytical solution for achieving your specific marketing objectives.