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High ROI from a simple database enhancement!
WHY DO A DATA APPEND – DATA ENHANCEMENT: A basic low-cost data append will improve targeting, generate customer insights, and create or expand avenues for reaching your current or potential customers. Call now and our data enhancement specialists will explain how.


Consumer Data Append: Increase your marketing power by enhancing your database with 100+ demographic and psychographic data elements.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Consumer Email Append: Within 24 hours we can append more consumer email addresses than any other data vendor on the market … with a money-refund email accuracy guarantee. We are the market leader for accurate consumer email append!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Business Email Append: Anyone can append a business email address, BUT few can append business emails of “key decision makers.” Let DMDatabases … the leading B2B email list expert … handle your business email append. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Email Verification: As a leading provider of consumer email lists and business email lists, we of course have the infrastructure for verifying millions of email addresses daily. Our email verification is so accurate that we offer a money-refund guarantee if any appended emails are bounced back. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Reverse Email Append: If you have a list of email addresses but no corresponding contact name and postal address, then no worry as our Reverse Email Append service will append valuable contact data for 70+ percent. That’s right – due to our massive Big Data consumer email list data bank, our average reverse email match rate is over 75% … highest in the industry!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Cell Phone Append – Mobile Append: We can append mobile phones to your customer or prospecting files if you want to join the growing trend of text marketing (SMS - short message service).  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Other Data Processing Services: Along with data append we offer an extensive array of data processing services, such as Address Updating, Deceased Coding, Dupe-Elimination, etc. And if you have a huge data file that is too overwhelming to organize, then note that we have a highly experienced data processing team that can make sense of any data file. CLICK HERE to learn more.


#1: HIGH MATCH RATE DATA APPEND: The process of appending data is easy, BUT achieving a high data append match rate is the challenge … a challenge that is dependent on the size of the database that is being tapped to append the data. And with the latter no doubt we surpass most data append providers since we have had 35+ years to build a network of data contributors for amassing some of the largest databases on the market … thus explaining why we offer the highest match rates for email append, mobile append, and more!

#2: FREE CLEANSING DATA APPEND: For optimal data enhancement results it’s imperative that input data (contact name/address) is updated and standardized to USPS rules. DMDatabases provides this imperative cleansing service for free; many data append providers will charge for this service.

#3: AFFORDABLE DATA APPEND: After 35+ years of appending data – we have refined a process for maximum economies of scale – resulting in big productions savings … resulting in low pricing for our data append clients!

#4: ONE-STOP SHOP DATA APPEND: Per below our data enhancement service covers whole nine yards. If you need a consumer demographic data append, then you might as well include an email append and mobile append. If you have an email list without contact data, then no problem … our revere email append service will append the full contact name and postal address … and while at we can also append demographic data.

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