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Serve ads to people based on locations they visited ... going back 6 months.

WHAT: Location Visitors Campaign (LVC) is a service that serves displays ads to people who have visited a specific location … church, auto dealership, competitor location, golf course, gym, soccer stadium, college campus, or any location on a map … going back 6 months.

VALUE: Where people go is a powerful indicator of a person’s likes, habits, and intent. Someone who visits a horse racing track is likely a gambler and/or an equestrian enthusiast. Someone who visits an exclusive golf club is likely an affluent avid golfer. Someone who visits a college campus is likely a student at the college. Someone who visits an Evangelical church is like an Evangelical.

HOW? The Location Visitors Campaign is powered by a Geo-Framing, a new “cookie free” technology that surpasses Geo-Fencing. On huge benefit is the technology captures historical data for the mapped location. And by linking device IDs to household IP addresses, it allows marketers to connect with real people. This approach also helps to eliminate robotic ad fraud with a 95% or greater confidence level. And Geo-framing does not require opt-in as it captures device-id when a location visitor searches the internet while within the mapped polygon … the Internet search generates an ad call.

PROCESS: We simply draw a polygon around your specified high-value locations, and then GPS and other proprietary technology captures the Device-IDs (smartphones, tablets, laptops) that enter the polygon location. As an example below is a polygon drawn around a Planet Fitness Center. Once the polygon is drawn, we can start serving your display ads to people who have entered the polygon.

PINPOINT TARGETING: The polygon identification system does not utilize cell towers, but instead uses the latitude and longitude of a specific location - down to the meter squared level … granular technology that focuses on the specific location, avoid people are just driving by the polygon.

WHEN? We can serve your display ads to people who have visited X location last month or 6 months ago. The marketer may choose any time period … going back as far as 6 months.

QUANTITY: Due to technological limitations the Device-ID identification system is only able to identify a small number of the visitors, so don’t expect to reach “all” visitors of X location. While quantity is not high, most clients using the Location Visitor Campaign service are long-term continual customers … mainly because a small number of highly qualified leads is better than no leads; plus, safe to assume that the conversion rate of these highly qualified leads generate a very good ROI!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The captured Device-ID data is anonymized … a processing technique that automatically removes or modifies personally identifiable information; anonymized data can never be associated with any one individual. Thus, we can NOT provide contact data for these location visitors, but what we can do is serve your display ads to the Device-IDs … AND the home networks linked to the Device-IDs.

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