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Verify your phone list and avoid risk of penalties

Avoid lawsuits with low-cost Do-Not-Call scrubbing service.  Within minutes we can match the Federal Do Not Call registry against your telemarketing list.  The DNC scrubbing list has a 100% accuracy guarantee since our Do-Not-Call list is updated every single day!


Value-Added Options with DNC Phone List Cleaning Service

Option1: We can even append cell phones to landline phone records that match the DNC list. Often a landline is on the DNC Registry but not the contact’s mobile number.

Option2: Don’t give-up on valuable phone leads that are on the FTC DNC list. We can still get your brand/offer in front of your phone leads via digital ads; yes, we can serve digital ads to cell phone leads that are on the DNC list.

Option3: Landline or Cell Phone List? Often a cell phone list is more valuable than landline list, so there’s value in know which type of numbers are on your phone list, so take note that our system can quickly identify and code the two different type of phone numbers.

Option4: Phone verification! No doubt there’s a cost in calling a disconnected phone number. To save you money and time, we can validate your cell phone list or landline list.

Option5: We can append email addresses to your phone leads that matched the Federal DNC list.

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