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For 30+ years DMDatabases has been crunching databases. We have the computing power AND data processing expertise to process … any data file quickly and cheaply! Whether your file consist of a thousand records or MILLIONS of records, we have inhouse computing power to quickly complete the job! Here are some of the data services that we provided.

ADDRESS STANDARDIZATION & VALIDATION Missing directional suffixes, misspelled street names, zip codes off by 1 digit, missing apartment number, and other postal address inaccuracies can result undeliverable mail, missed email append opportunities, missed duplicates, low data append match rates. DMD can help you avoid these problems with our Address Certification Process … low cost and same day service!

DECEASED CODING Our current deceased file exceeds 50,000,000 records, we are confident we can identify more deceased records on your database than other data processing companies. On a monthly basis deceased data is collected from the Social Security Administration. And note that the SSA only provides First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, Date of Death, and SS# … no address data; thus, most deceased data companies using loose modeling to guess on deceased actual location. We don’t use guessing models, instead we matched the SS file against our master Consumer Database … consisting of every household in the country … allowing us to correctly identify deceased individuals. Bottom-line, accuracy of our deceased database is top of the class!

ADDRESS CHANGES Each year over 60,000,000 people and businesses move, and keeping up with these moves is simple with a basic NCOA (National Change of Address) pass. And note that our Change of Address file goes back “four” years, so no worry if you haven’t updated your file in the past four years … we can still identify customers/inquirers that moved four years ago! And note that this “four” year file is a huge benefit as many processing companies only have files that go back two years.

MERGE/PURGE – DUPLICATE ELIMINATIONDuplicate names on your database represent a huge waste in marketing dollars / resources. A basic dupe-elimination has a low cost AND a huge ROI. Let us eliminate your dupes! All Merge/Purge work is done using state of the art software and matching logic. All data processing is done inhouse, thus providing you with rapid turn-around and complete confidentially. And note that we can eliminate dupes

DUPE-ELIM MATCHING TYPES First Name + Last Name + Address Last Name + Address Address Only Phone Only Etc.

DUPE-ELIM LEVEL OPTIONS Dupe Overkill: The dupe elimination process deletes records which are not duplicates.Dupe Underkill: The dupe elimination process misses duplicates.Dupe Standard: Neither overkill or underkill … deviation of error is 1% … or dupe-elim process is free!

GEOCODING This service appends latitude and longitude coordinates. This key data offers many enhanced marketing sales applications. You may use the data to develop a dealer/store locator lookup, pinpoint customer locations and clusters, or define sales and marketing territories. You can also link to Census data to profile your best customers for common traits for target marketing purposes.

GEOGRAPHIC ROOFTOP RADIUS – EXACTLY HOW FAR IS THE CUSTOMER FROM YOU LOCATION? Most data suppliers often pull data based on aggregated or entire ZIP Codes (5 digit, 3 digit, or SCF) – this is far too crude. ZIP Codes vary in size across the US and can be tens of square miles, resulting in inaccurate distance calculations. DMD offers “Rooftop” coding … which will show the exact distance between customer and your location. And with the Rooftop system we can offer additional services. For example, if you have two or more locations with overlapping radius coverage areas, our software will look at each household and tell you which location and then assign to the nearest dealer.

PHONE APPEND: We can append mobile phones or landline phones: CLICK HERE for more info.

FIRMOGRAPHIC APPEND: We can append business firmographics: CLICK HERE for more info.

CONSUMER DATA APPEND: We can append 1000+ consumer data elements: CLICK HERE for more info.