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Don’t let myths block a new customer avenue.

Here are 10 common myths about buying email lists.

1. NOT LEGAL: False! Unlike European marketers that are prevented from email prospecting due to draconian GDRP rules, here in the US it’s 100% legal for companies to grow their businesses with 3rd party email lists.

2. NOT ANY EMAIL BLASTING PROVIDERS: Yes, it’s true that some popular email blasting providers (ConstantContact, etc) don’t allow 3rd party email lists, BUT there are many other reputable email marketing providers that can effectively email blast your purchased email lists.

3. QUALITY 3RD PARTY EMAIL LISTS ARE NOT FOR SALE: False! As with all products/services – there are some dubious players peddling low-quality cheap data, though this fact doesn’t negate the fact that quality email lists are for sale. And for proof just look for email list sellers with a detailed written money-refund quality guarantee … since obviously a low quality data seller wouldn’t offer a detailed “money-refund” guarantee.

4. ONLY SPAMMERS BUY EMAIL LISTS: This false statement is completely from left field because spammers are too cheap to buy email lists. Spammers typically use tertiary email addresses … which typically are scraped email lists or email addresses that can be downloaded from web for free. We use the term tertiary because tertiary emails are rarely checked. We all have tertiary / secondary email addresses that we rarely check, and these tertiary Inboxes are no doubt bombarded with spam … mainly because tertiary email lists are practically free. On the other hand, primary emails addresses … which are frequently checked … are too expensive for spammers.

5. PURCHASED EMAIL LISTS ARE OVER-USED: False! Sure, free tertiary email addresses are overused which is why recipients never check their tertiary email address InBoxes. On the other hand, a primary email address by logic can’t be overused as survey after survey confirms that the average person checks their primary email Inbox at least once per day.

6. EMAIL LIST BUYERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE MARKETERS: Primary email addresses are not cheap, thus the companies that do buy 3rd party primary email lists are typically responsible marketers … meaning they follow Can-Spam Rules and make a legitimate effort to present “relevant” offers that match the recipient’s demographic / psychographic profile. Most importantly, reputable marketers always provide an “easy” way to opt-out … assuring that no further offers will follow. As for the few spammers that do spend money on primary email address, ESPs (Gmail, Outlook, etc) are very good at identifying and blocking these spammers.

7. WILL HARM IP REPUTATION: Buying a prospecting email list will NOT damage your IP Address for the simple reason that you’re NOT going to email blast from your IP Address. IF you did execute a “prospecting” email campaign from your IP Address, then yes your IP Address could be harmed. Thus, this is the reason that professional marketers use outside email blasting providers to execute their campaigns … as these email blasting experts know how to handle the IP Address issue.

8. NAMES ON PURCHASE EMAIL LISTS DON’T KNOW YOU: Yes, this is true but this fact also applies to direct mail lists – though this doesn’t prevent the conglomerates from mailing countless direct mail brochures to your home. Nor does this fact prevent companies from serving you ads while you’re searching the web. Of course, the goal of email marketing … all forms of advertising … is to get people to know you … build awareness of your brand/offer … convert strangers into customers!

9. ANNOYING: Some feel that unsolicited emails are annoying – though the same view could apply to all forms of advertising. Isn’t it annoying when you do a search for shoes, and then from that point you constantly see ads for shoes. Isn’t it annoying to receive countless direct mailers for a credit card offer; think of the environmental impact of those unsolicited direct mail pieces. Isn’t it annoying to watch 15 commercials while trying to enjoy a TV show with the family. Isn’t it annoying to attempt to read a newspaper with an ad interruption after each paragraph? Bottom-line, all forms of advertising can be a bit annoying, but one benefit of email marketing is the recipient can quickly/easily opt-out … put a stop to all future ads … a benefit that can’t be said with other forms of annoying ads.

10. ESP PENALTY: It’s true that your ESP (Email Service Provider, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) will send you a warning about closing your email account IF you continue to execute large scale email campaigns from your email account. And for this reason we recommend that you do NOT use your personal email account for executing “prospecting” email campaigns due to email SMTP restrictions.

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