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Executive marketing lists for email marketing, digital ads, and more!

C-LEVEL EXECUTIVE EMAIL LISTS: Over 500,000 double-verified C-Level executive email addresses. All executive email list have a detailed money-refund data accuracy guarantee. 

NOTE:  There are millions of business owners that choose the job title of “owner” … instead of a C-Level job title, such CEO or Chairperson. Consider including this group in your C-Level marketing list purchase.

UPPER-LEVEL EXECUTIVES EMAIL LISTS: Director of Information Technology, Director of Social Media, Facilities Directors, Health Care Directors, Human Resource Directors, Marketing Directors, Purchasing Directors, Sales Directors, Sales Directors, Vice Presidents …… over 700 executive job titles … representing 1,000,000+ executive email leads!  CLICK HERE for a detailed listing of available executive job titles.

FILTERING OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMIZING YOUR BUSINESS EXECUTIVES EMAIL LIST: Here are some of the available firmographics for selecting executive email leads:

  • Number of Business Locations / Units
  • Number of Employees at Location
  • Number of Employees Company-wide
  • Public vs Private
  • Sales Volume
  • SQ Footage Estimator
  • Type of Business
  • Years-In-Business

CLICK HERE for full listing of business email list filters.


  1. Chief Executive Officer Email List: over 100,000 verified CEO email addresses.
  2. Chief Financial Officer Email List: over 50,000 verified CFO email addresses.
  3. Chief Operating Officer Email List: over 30,000 verified COO email addresses.
  4. Vice President Email List: over 200,000 verified VP email addresses.
  5. Marketing Director Email List: over 50,000 verified Marketing email addresses.
  6. Email List of Sales Executives
    • National Sales Manager Email List
    • Regional Sales Manager Email List
    • Sales Director Email List
    • Sales & Marketing Director Email List
    • VP of Sales Email List
  7. Technology Executives Email Lists
    • Chief Technology Officer Email List / CTO Mailing List (over 42,000 names)
    • Chief Information Officer Email List / CIO Mailing List (over 36,000 names)
    • Director of Social Email List / Director of Social Mailing List (over 27,000 names)
    • IT Manager Email List

REACH EXECUTIVES AT THEIR HOME ADDRESS: DMDatabases offers THE largest executive email list (over 5,000,000 emails) for executives at their home address. Reaching executives at their personal email address offers the perfect avenue for bypassing the endless distractions that occur at the business address.   CLICK HERE for Executives @ Home Address

EXECUTIVE EMAIL LIST SOURCES: Executive contact names compiled from annual reports, business credit reports, phone surveys, UCC1 reports, transactional data, and an array of niche sources.

EXECUTIVE EMAIL LIST VERIFICATION METHODS: All executive contact names are multi-source verified each year, and all company data is phone verified each year. All addresses verified monthly.

EXECUTIVE EMAIL LIST DATA ACCURACY GUARANTEE: The extensive verification process is why the Premier Executive Database offers THE best “money-refund” quality guarantee in the industry.

  • Company Name … 95% accurate … or money refund.
  • Company Address … 95% accurate … or money refund.
  • Company Phone … 95% accurate … or money refund
  • Full Name (First/Last) of Executive … 95% accurate … or money refund.
  • Executive Job Title … 95% accurate… or money refund.
  • Firmographics … 95% accurate … or money refund.


Tip #1 for purchasing an executive email list: When purchasing an executive email list, make sure the money-refund guarantee also applies to “job title” accuracy … not just the email address. What good is 100% email accuracy if your offer is delivered to the wrong person – wrong job title?

Tip #2 for purchasing an executive email list: Never purchase an executive email list without phone data. No … the phone data is not for telemarketing, but rather the phone data is for spot-checking a few names; simply call a random 25 or so to learn if X name is in fact X job title … the point highlighted in tip #1.

Tip #3 for purchasing an executive email list: If purchasing an executive email list with multiple job titles, then it’s best to cap the quantity a 3 per company since many corporate servers will block companies that are sending multiple solicitations. One email to the IT Director is fine … but also sending an email to the CMO, CFO, Mkt Director, and CIO will raise a red flag. If you do purchase an executive email list consisting of multiple job titles, then simply stagger the emails; week1 to CMO, week2 to CFO, etc.

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