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PARTNER: Our IP Address Identification partner … has hundreds of patents – billions of geolocated Wi-Fi access points … and is a global leader in IP identification … originally formed to help credit card companies minimize fraud by identifying transaction location origin.

DATA POINTS: Our IP Address Identification partner uses advanced algorithms that process huge databases of first-second-third party data, consisting of base data (physical address, email address, transactional data, CRM data, etc) merged with Internet network data such as historical IP logs, GPS cell tower points, LoRa gateways density & path tabulations, ISP Network Hub location, advance latitude/longitude mapping, TDOA triangulation, mobile carrier type, proxy identification, domain, ASN, VPN proxy, nearby points of interest, address bandwidth, mobile/WiFi tracerouting, IP pinging, IP traffic flow, AND an array of other proprietary data sources. In a nutshell, these billions of data points are compared to transaction data from partners to identify multiple connections – thereby identifying IP location with 95% confidence level.

TECHNICAL EXAMPLE: The algorithms compute countless technical processes. As one example, network pings between Internet nodes are identified. If a certain routing node is known to be at X latitude and longitude, and the IP address for the device took 25 milliseconds to reach from that node, then the device is presumed to be X distance from that data center. As another technical example, the system tracks how IP addresses are assigned over time. The tabulations may show that IP addresses assigned by a cellular data network only apply in a particular neighborhood. Other algorithms trace how activity is routed over the Internet, connection of routers, speed among the routers, and uses this info to triangulate end points of equipment (DSLMAs, CMTS, POP Servers, Corporate routers) down to the ISP end points … not the IP owner entity which very likely located in a completely different city.

HOW CAN IP TARGETING WORK IF IP ADDRESSES ARE ALWAYS CHANGING: Most businesses have static IP Addresses since their business applications function more efficiently on static system. Most households have a dynamic IP Address, though research shows that most households rarely change their IP Address; some households have had the same IP Address for multiple years. When IP Address does change, the system does have to re-identify, though the process is less laborious due to billions of historical data points that are on file.

BIG DATA: As with AI and so many other technological advancements in the past few years – BIG DATA is playing a huge role in the improved and expanded IP Identification process. Continuous testing shows the algorithm IP matching process at a 95% confidence level … significant improvement from just 5 years ago.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have the IP address for approximately 70% of business locations.  And the IP identification system has a 95% confidence level cutoff … meaning we do not include any contacts in the digital ad campaign UNLESS the IP address was matched to a physical address … at a 95% confidence level. 

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