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Lead Scoring is the process of appending a numerical Score to your Leads. The Lead Score will reflect the relationship to current buyers. The more an inquiry looks like the typical buyer … higher the Score. The cornerstone of the Lead Scoring process is the Customer Profile Analysis … an analysis that shows the demographic and psychographic profile for the best customers. The demographic and psychographic values are then used to identify leads that look like buyers.

Segment all leads relative to likely value.
Devote more marketing dollars to the “A” leads … fewer dollars to the “D” leads.
Increase contact frequency with the “A” leads … less contact frequency with the “D” leads.
Use an enhance direct mail package for the “A” leads … simple postcards for the “D” leads.

Time Efficiency … sales reps don’t waste time working lower quality leads.
Dollar Efficiency … limited budget not wasted on lower quality leads.
Better ROI … higher conversion rate … with less time and few marketing dollars.
Higher Revenue … more focus on the top leads.

As part of the Lead Scoring process – you may receive a copy of the 100+ page Customer Profile Analysis … the cornerstone of the Lead Scoring process. The detailed profile analysis will show how your customers perform among an extensive array of demographics and psychographics … such as income, net worth, exact age, marital status, # of adults in household, # of children in household, education level, home equity, auto type, occupation, lifestyle interests/hobbies (golf, tennis, photography, green living, etc).

As part of the Lead Scoring process – you may opt to have demographic and psychographic data appended to your file. With this valuable data you’ll have the option to customize your ads relative to your lead’s profile. For example, you may want to create a custom ad campaign for your “A” leads that are seniors (age 55+). Or you may want to create a custom ad campaign for your “A” leads that are golfers. Another application is to adjust creative content relative to lead’s lifestyle interest. The applications are endless.

Along with Lead Scoring based on demographic/psychographic profile, we can enhance the Lead Score by incorporating behavioral scoring … such as source of lead (web, direct mail, billboard, purchased lead, etc.) recency (when was lead generated), action (did lead request info, attended webinar, downloading a whitepaper, etc), and more.

Our Lead Scoring process is not a fancy Artificial Intelligence Predictive Model or Real-Time Scoring Model … both of which cost a fortune ($10,000 to $100,000+). Instead we decided to create a simple affordable Lead Scoring Model that majority of small/medium size businesses can afford AND easily use … with cost starting at just $1975 … final rate based on quantity of leads and supplemental purchase packages. Complete below Info Request Form to learn more.

BUSINESS LEADS SCORING – also available.