In today’s intensely competitive environment – knowledge about customers is the lifeblood of any organization. The more knowledge a marketer has about a customer … the more likely the marketer will keep that customer …. AND … gain new customers.

To help in this quest for knowledge about customers, DMDatabases offers an extensive data enhancement (business data append / consumer data append) service. For consumer marketers we can append hundreds of different demographics (age, net worth, neighborhood type, marital status, etc) and psychographics / lifestyle data. For the B-T-B marketer we offer an equally impressive data enhancement package … consisting of pertinent data like primary business type, secondary business type, ad budget, credit, years-in-business, minority owned, etc.

But data is only half the equation. To maximize the power of raw data appended to your customer file, DMDatabases offers a multitude of customer profiling and modeling reports that will turn your raw data into actionable insights. Below are some of our research/analytical reports.

  • Business Location Socioeconomic Report
  • Business Market Growth Report
  • CHAID Analysis
  • Cloning Generator
  • Customer Predicative Analysis
  • Demographic Profile
  • Geographic Profile Report
  • Lifestyle Profile
  • Location Population Analysis
  • Market Availability Report
  • Market Penetration Report
  • Multi-Variate Regression Analysis
  • New Site – Location Analysis
  • Response Source Analysis
  • Salesperson Performance Analysis

Of course each of the above analytical reports represents a unique marketing objective / application. Some reports have the objective of aiding your business mailing lists / consumer mailing lists selections … while others are focused on maximizing the value of your in-house database.

To gain a better understanding of which reports may work best for you call one of our experienced analysts … who will suggest the best analytical solution for achieving your specific marketing objectives.

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