Telemarketing Lists

Ever since the implementation of the “Do-Not-Call” legislation the biggest challenge for consumer telemarketers is getting a viable quantity of residential phone numbers. For some demographic groups, phones are only available for 10% of the marketplace … meaning that marketers are missing 90% of their market. To help overcome this obstacle and expand your telemarketing potential … we’ve invested many resources in phone data compilation … resulting in the highest phone quantities in the industry.

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A big challenge with business telemarketing lists is acquiring the right phone number. One primary source for phone numbers is the yellow pages. But sometimes phones from this source can include answering services, service representative cell phone numbers, customer service departments, or other ineffective phone numbers. To help you combat this obstacle we can offer you two business phone numbers … so if the first doesn’t get you past the gate-keeper … you’ll still have a second opportunity to reach your target.

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