Automotive Mailing List Strategies For Selling Cars

1. Select an automotive direct mail list / email list consisting of Spanish speaking households. And more importantly, send your automotive offer in Spanish. This customized touch will for sure help you gain market share in the Hispanic market. Note, that our Spanish speaking copywriters will write your copy. Ask your DMD auto list representative for a copywriting price quote.

2. A recent J.D. Power / AARP survey shows that over 60% of all new car purchases are coming from people over age 50 … partly because boomers have a bit more free cash on hand. We can provide you with a seniors direct mail list to help you tap this growing market.

3. An offer for cold prospects should be different than the offer to your current auto customer list. Thus, provide us with VIN numbers of your current auto customers, and we’ll suppress from the auto direct mail list that we provide to you. If you don’t have VIN number … no problem … we can still do a suppression.

4. Sponsor a local golf event and then purchase a direct mail list of golfers. XY Automobile Dealership … proud sponsor of the local Golf Tournament. Golfers will instantly have a positive connotation with your dealership and the sport that they love. Same logic applies to boat shows, tennis tournaments, etc.

5. Don’t forget the role gender plays in your auto list selection. Women tend to buy cars that are of good value, safe, and with a bit of style. Men lean towards luxury and high performance. Studies have shown that average horsepower for men is about 350 … and women just 170. We can segment your auto direct mail list, so that you have a separate direct mail offer for each group.

6. A guarantee way to increase sales is to compliment your automotive direct mail list with a car owner phone list and/or automotive email list. Direct mail list + phone list + email list = this 1-2-3 punch will generate the optimal number of automotive leads.

7. Saturation automotive email blast. For some geographic areas, auto data is very limited, and in these cases it’s best to simply email your offer to ALL auto owners in the dealer territory. And surprisingly this is actually a very a low cost alternative since you not using high price automotive qualifiers. Optional: On the back-end, we can qualify all automotive leads so can determine resource allocation per lead.

8. A diamond next-door. We can provide an automotive direct mail list consisting of neighbors of your current customers. Neighbors of your current auto owners have seen your car. This auto brand familiarity makes neighbors a prime automotive list prospect.

9. A hidden gem! We can provide you with a direct mail list of small business owners. There are over 10,000,000 small business owners in America, and many of these owners are buying cars under the company account.

10. Some automotive offers are general and do NOT need an actual credit score direct mail list. Yes – we can provide you with actual credit score list from the credit bureaus … BUT unless your offer is very credit sensitive … note that you can save big dollars by using modeled credit data.
*Click here to review our Credit Score Lists page.

11. Would you like a few more automotive list ideas? Ask your DMDatabases auto list representative, and we’ll email you five more proven automotive list strategies for selling cars.