THE largest database of renter leads …
with a “money-refund” data accuracy guarantee.

Renter Full Name … 95% accurate or money-refund
Renter Direct Mail Address … 95% accurate or money-refund
Renter Email Address … 95% accurate or money-refund
Renter Phone Number … 95% accurate or money-refund


Over 25,000,000 renter direct mail leads.
Over 12,000,000 double-verified opt-in renter email leads.
Over 4,000,000 renter phone leads (NOT on DNC list)

Note: Above renter lead quantities represent “one” renter lead per rental unit; quantity over 100,000,000 when targeting all renters within rental units. For direct mail campaign we recommend one renter lead per household; for email marketing – you may consider multiple renter email addresses per rental unit.

RENTER QUALIFIERS: Renter leads are selectable by income, modeled FICO score, age, years at complex, estimated monthly rental amount, race/ethnicity, occupation, and much more.

APARTMENT MAILING LIST – EMAIL LIST: Target renters by name of apartment complex. Cost for apartment complex database is tied to number of complexes that you select. Note, except for apartment complex centric offers, we recommend that renters are targeted by their profile (age, income, buying behavior, net worth, marital status, etc) … and not by the apartment complex name.

Home Renters – SFD Renters: over 10,000,000
Apartment Renters in apartment with 100+ units: over 2,500,000
Renters in high-rise buildings: over 2,000,000
Renters in brand new apartment complexes
Millennial Renters: – CLICK HERE
Renters in apartment complexes located in very urban/dense area.
Affluent Apartment Renters: over 4,000,000*

AFFLUENT RENTER LEADS: Over 1,000,000 affluent renters that own a high-end car (BWM, Mercedes, Audi, etc). We also have over 500,000 renters with net worth of $1,000,000+.

EXPERIENCE: For 30+ years we have specialized with renter leads … helping real estate agents, insurance agents, and an array of other marketers tap this huge market. From our extensive experience we can offer you insights for building the optimal renter leads marketing database.

FACEBOOK RENTER LEADS: You can reach “qualified” renters by simply uploading our renter email addresses – or renter direct mail addresses – to Facebook. In fact, 1-2-3 marketing (direct mail + email + Facebook) will give you more new customers/buyers than any other renter direct marketing campaign.

FREE RENTERS MAILING LIST … free when using our full-service renters direct mail campaign service. Plus, with the full-service direct mail service – you may receive renter email leads at a 50% discount!

RENTER LEADS GUARANTEE: Of course every data seller promises quality, BUT note that we support our promise with a “money” refund guarantee … that is clearly described on website and invoice. Some dubious data sellers offer a so-called “replacement” guarantee … tell-tale sign of low quality … NOT bona-fide renters. Due to the high turn-over rate with renters – we highly recommend you only buy from data sellers that have a “money” refund guarantee clearly listed on their website.

RENTER EMAIL DELIVERY GUARANTEE: Don’t be fooled by data sellers promising 95% email delivery … as this is only half the equation. What good is 95% email delivery if the email address is for the teenage son … and not the key decision maker? What good is 95% delivery if the email address is not for a homeowner … not a renter? Not only email address accuracy – note that we also guarantee that the email address is for bona-fide renters … key decision maker.

RENTER INSURANCE LEADS: For renters we recommend targeting “new” renters with high income … most likely to have contents worth insuring. This custom segment performs well with our insurance clients … many repeat orders.

RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS – LANDLORDS: We can also provide contact data on owners of rental properties … duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, large apartment complexes, etc. Some of our renter insurance agent customers have had success working with the landlords as a way to obtain new renter leads. – CLICK HERE