Telemarketing List Services

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Dimark offers a complete Do Not Call solution for anyone needing to be in compliance with Federal and State Do Not Call regulations, and also for DMA Suppression.   Dirmark’s DNC compliance processing is complete and up-to-date. We build an affidavit back up for every DNC run, and each record is date-stamped with the download date to provide you with individual reporting detail should you ever need it. You have selected Federal, State & DMA Do Not Call (Full Subscription – Suppress Records).    You must be in compliance with all aspects of both the Federal and State Do Not Call Laws and Regulations. We will provide you with all of the documentation forms and information you need to get started and assist you through the process.


Due to the increasing amount of telephone numbers, telephone companies are adding many new area code/exchange combinations. Over 10,000 Area Code/exchange combinations are added to or changed annually. To improve your connection rate with your customers or prospects, it is recommended that you update your Area Codes prior to launching your telemarketing campaign.  Dirmark provides you the most comprehensive system available to keep your customers or prospect list up to date. We do this by matching the exchange and zip code combinations on your file to our database and verifying that the Area Code is correct. If the combination is deemed incorrect, the correct Area Code is then appended.


If you have phone numbers on your file without addresses or merely have a file of phone numbers and wish to add complete contact information to these records, we can help!
Reverse Append matches your telephone numbers to our multi sourced Business database. Where a match exists, you will be supplied with company name and address information.
The telephone append charges are calculated on the number of records matched plus a passing charge or minimum, whichever is greater. Passing charge is based on gross input, matched charges are based on records appended.


Business Telephone Append matches your customer or prospect file to our multi-sourced Business Megabase.  Charges only apply when phone is appended. 


If you have phone numbers on your file, Dirmark will verify them, saving you considerable processing costs.


CONSUMER – REVERSE TELEPHONE APPEND (same process as business reverse append)


CONSUMER TELEPHONE APPEND (same process as business phone append)


CONSUMER TELEPHONE VERIFY (same process as business phone verify)


To assist you in following the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) which limits your calls to a period of 8am through 9pm, Dirmark provides you with Time Zone coding.


Canadian Residential Data is compiled from the Canadian Directory files and include all provinces. It can be accessed for forward and reverse append processes as well as list rental. The file is updated monthly and contains approximately 12MM residential records and 2.1MM Business records used for reverse append matching.


If you need to identify wireless numbers, for compliance with TCPA and/or for customer opt-in communications, Wireless Do Not Call Identifier and our Wireless Ported Number file provides a comprehensive and economic solution.

We identify those Area Codes and Exchanges or blocks of numbers assigned to wireless carriers active within the North American Numbering Plan in th U.S and Canada. The file is updated monthly covers nearly 450,000 blocks representing some 450 million phone numbers that are currently assigned or will be assigned to cellular phones, as well as approximately 600,000 landline numbers that have been switched from land to wireless.