Personalization will make your labels/letters look more personal and more attractive to the recipient’s eyes.

Parsing full names into components allows you to determine the gender. As important parsing and genderizing will allow you to create personalized messages and develop gender-specific campaigns to better target your marketing efforts and increase response rates.

By studying the “first name” Dirmark’s system can indicate the gender of the person in your.  For instance:
    • “James” returns an “M” for male
    • “Cheryl” returns an “F” for female
    • “Chris” and Tracy” – which can be either male or female – returns an “N” for neutral

*Also, if requested, neutral names can be left blank … or we can assign a gender to otherwise neutral names by changing the “gender bias” and “assignment aggression” properties

Now that you’ve parsed the contact names and applied gender codes, you can add salutations (Mr / Ms) … another nice touch to make your letters look personal and attractive to the recipient.


  • Field Lengths
    Expands or compresses data to the field widths you specify and never truncates.
  • Upper/Lower Casing
    Convert your address data to Upper/Lower or ALL UPPER.
  • Abbreviations and Punctuation
    Expands or creates abbreviations, and adds or strips proper punctuation in names and addresses.
  • ZIP Formatting
    “Un-Excels” ZIP fields by fixing ZIP codes that have lost their leading zeros, standardizes ZIP+4TM and Canadian Postal Codes.
  • Phone Formatting
    Standardizes phone numbers into a variety formats.   For example:
    2124314671…. or… 212-431-4671…or… (212) 431-4671

  • State Expansion
    Fully spells out state names for formal address labels.