Other Data Processing

Duplicate names on your list are a waste of printing, postage and money.  Dirmark’s Merge/Purge Service cleans up lists based on individual name, address, household or customized criteria.  All Merge/Purge work is done using state of the art software and matching logic. We have the ability to perform all work in house, thus providing you with fast turn-around and complete confidentially.

As an added service Dirmark can code each record with a duplicate counter to give you the option to treat duplicates as a marketing opportunity … since multiple appearances may represent multi-buyers … a very valuable name. 

The United States Postal Service offers discounts to mailers who provide the mail sorted according to various Postal delivery schemes.  The discount will vary by class of mail and level of sortation.  Presorting is determined by the size/weight of your mail piece.    Dirmark’s pre-sorting service includes CASS and Automation Presort with all required reports, Tray Tags, and Bag Tags.

Knowing address type may offer a marketing opportunity.

Company Address
General Delivery
PO Box
Rural Route
Street Level Mailbox

This service appends latitude and longitude coordinates.   This key data offers many enhanced marketing sales applications.   You may use the data to develop a dealer/store locator lookup, pinpoint customer locations and clusters, or define sales and marketing territories. You can also link to 2000 Census Bureau demographic data to profile your best customers for common traits for target marketing purposes.

POS processing provides you with address data for your customers when Point-of-Sale Capture is incomplete (or impossible).  POS processing is an innovative solution for acquiring customer address information by leveraging just two data components: the customer name and ZIP Code.

Allows you to identify more customers, enjoy greater understanding of purchase behavior and allows you to immediately communicate with your customers right after their most current purchase! In addition to helping you understand and communicate accurately with your best customers in a simple two-step process … this service eliminates cumbersome data entry at POS AND helps you acquire shopper contact information for customers who use a third party credit or debit card.

Most data suppliers often pull data based on aggregated or entire ZIP Codes (5 digit, 3 digit, or SCF) – this is far too crude.  ZIP Codes vary in size across the US and can be tens of square miles, resulting in many unneeded names. The downsides are obvious… increased mailing costs and lower response rates.

Dirmark offers "Rooftop" radius selections.  Now you have the ability to select your list based on a radius surrounding an actual location from the street address.  With street-level or "rooftop" radius selection, you only get the addresses falling within the selected radius. This is critical when the selection area is very small or when there are penalties for mailing to the "wrong" area.   

Offered Exclusively by Dirmark!  We go one step further than other data suppliers by using Rooftop radius software that selects the "nearest household" between multiple locations.  Now if you select two or more locations that have overlapping radius coverage areas, our software will look at each household and tell you which location it is "closest" to.  For multi-store locations or franchises, you now can pull mailing lists with households truly within your radius selection.  Talk to your sales representative for more details.