Consumer Data Append / Data Enhancement

image of consumers   Marital Status?
  Very Affluent?
  Real Estate Owner
  Luxury Car Owner?
  Neighborhood Type?
  Children In Household?
  Avid Mail Order Buyer?
  Business Owner?
  Renter or Homeowner?
  Email Address?

We can help you learn a lot about these people … your customers …
by appending demographics and lifestyles to your customer list.

data append image

CLICK HERE  -To see a list of demographic data append
                        and lifestyle data append options.



*COMPREHENSIVE DATA : Your list will be matched against the Master Consumer Database – consisting of 233,000,000 individuals … packed with hundreds and hundreds of demographics and lifestyles.

*DATA QUALITY : Lifestyles and demographics appended to your file are verified and per individual … NOT inferred from inaccurate cheap census data. Exact age data, exact home value data, etc!

*EXPERIENCE : We’ve been providing data enhancement for 25 years, during which time we’ve developed and refined a matching algorithm that is the best in the industry.

*MATCH RATE : Just to brag about a high match rate – some data append companies will append data to a name even though the matching criteria does NOT match. We will not do this! What we’ll do is code the names that do not match and a possible reason for the non-matches.

*THE EXTRA EFFORT : Of course the condition of your database influences the match rate, so to assure that you’ve the most accurate contact names and addresses … we’ll process your customer file through our “Address Cleansing” service … at no charge. This extra step can have a significant impact on match rate.