Our Guarantee

100% GuaranteeHere’s our “no hassle” guarantee refund policy:

We’ll credit your account for that portion of the mailing list that exceeded 5% undeliverable. That’s right … we guarantee 95% deliverability!

How can we make such a guarantee?

Each year millions are spent in phone calling all U.S. businesses. With these phone surveys we attempt to verify address data, employee size, sales volume, executive contact name, fax#, email, and much more. And millions more are spent on verifying household data … a greater challenge when considering over 20% of Americans move every year. To conquer this challenge data is collected from an innumerable number of sources … with the objective of increasing data quality by verifying via multiple sources. These huge compilation/verification investments result in 95% deliverability … and unmatched data quality/accuracy!

The fine print:

  • Returned mail must be postmarked within 30 days of the date of purchase to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Only one refund will be made per purchase.
  • Refund payments will not be made in excess of the original list purchase.
  • Mail pieces that are refused by the addressee but contain an accurate address are not covered.


How up-to-date is your database? Is it 95+ percent deliverable?
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