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Absentee owners list for direct mail, email, SMS, digital ads
The Master Absentee Owners Marketing list contains 1,000,000+ email addresses … representing the largest absentee owners email list on the market. And postal data exist for 100% of the records and mobile data for a smaller percentage.

What is an absentee property owner list? The legal definition is an individual or company that owns a property without occupying the property AND without managing the property. A landlord that is managing his rental duplex across the street is NOT an absentee owner. This latter point is important as many data sellers are selling marketing lists of real estate investors (landlords) masqueraded as absentee owners. Absentee owners do not manage their investment properties .. they are “absent.”

Vacant Property Owners: Properties that are vacant are often classified as absentee owners since the property would likely not be vacant IF a professional management firm was handling the property. CLICK HERE if you are seeking a marketing list of vacant property owners.

Reality: No data company can identify absentee property owners with certainty since property owners do not advertise the fact that they are using a property management firm; and of course, property mgt firms are not going to release names of their clients … absentee owners. And assessor data and other public sources do not indicate if owner is using a management firm. Bottom-line, before buying an absentee owners list, ask a lot of question about how the list is compiled; if don’t receive a detail response … then move on … otherwise you’re throwing money out the window.

How do we compile our absentee owners email list? Our absentee owners list is compiled from a model that studies an extensive array of variables. One key variable is the distance between the owner’s primary home and investment property address; for example, we have data on 500,000+ people that own property in Florida … while residing outside of Florida. We have 50,000 people that own property in downtown Atlanta … while having a primary home that is two hours away; sure, it’s possible – though it’s a bit difficult managing a rental property that is two hours away. Another key variable is the number of properties owned. There’s a very probability that an owner with 3+ properties is using a management firm. Property owner demographics also play a part in creating the absentee owners list. For example, a 70-year-old with a rental property is probably using a property management firm. Or what about a single woman with a rental property that is an hour drive from primary home?

Your involvement: The above modeling process is flexible, and this is why we don’t offer plain off-the-shelf absentee owners email lists.
Sure, we have identified a million+ likely absentee owners, though you can work with our data specialist to refine the model – customize your ideal absentee property owners email list.

How to use your absentee owners marketing list: Getting your brand/offer in front of absentee owners is challenging as our research shows that this unique group is busy – always on the go – and always being pitched by someone. To maximize success – you need to use multiple channels and below are a few:

Household Display Ad Campaign: Spouses are often involved with properties (often even on the deed), and for this reason DMD will serve your display ads to the household … meaning all household members will see your brand/offer when surfing the web from the home internet server.

Individual Display Ad Campaign: DMD will serve your displays ads directly to the absentee property owner … directly to the owner’s smartphone or other personal device (laptop, etc).

Absentee Owner Email List OR Email Campaign: DMD can execute your email campaign, and then provide you with names of the absentee owners that clicked on your display ad. Or, if you rather execute your own email campaign, then of course DMD can provide you with an email list of the absentee owners.

Direct Mail Campaign: At a very low cost DMD can mail a large postcard to the absentee owners in your specified geographic area. And to reiterate – the mail will go to the absentee owner’s primary residence … not the rental property address.


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