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Residential Vacant Property Data – Commercial Vacant Property Data
Welcome to the largest vacant property owners marketing list … with over 1,000,000 vacant residential and commercial properties. And equally great news is that we have more email addresses than any other data seller! This latter point is crucial when considering that in most cases direct mail will not work since the owners are not collecting their mail … hence the reason the USPS has classified the address as vacant.

What is a vacant property list? The USPS is the entity that determines if a property is vacant; USPS will classify a property as vacant when the mailed has not been collected for 90 days or longer.

Vacant property owners email list quantity: 500,000+ verified opt-in email addresses!

Vacant Property Filters: Many filters for customizing your vacant property owner email list – marketing list.
Property Type: SFD, Condo, Duplex, High-rise, Retail Space, Commercial Office Space, etc.
Ownership Legal Status: Individual Registration, Company Registration
Ownership Operation Location: Operates from residential address vs commercial address
Vacant Property Financials: Value, Equity, Loan Balance, LTV,
Vacant Property Characteristics: Lot Size, Square Ft, Age

Vacant Property Marketing List Accuracy: Data is super fresh … each month all data is updated … a constant inflow/outflow of data changes. And this continuous multi-source verification process is one reason we confidently offer the best money-refund data quality guarantee in the data industry, per below:

Vacant Property Owner Contact Name: 95+ percent accurate or money refund!
Vacant Property Location Address: 95+ percent accurate or money refund!
Vacant Property Owner Email Address: 90+ percent accurate or money refund!
Vacant Property Owner Mobile#: 90+ percent accurate or money refund!

Who? Below are a few examples of owners on vacant property email list:
Owner has passed and family member or relative has inherited.
Owner has moved to retirement home.
Owner is incarcerated.
Owner is landlord but unable to find a renter OR has made no effort to find renter.
Owner is landlord but unable to repair property for rental.
Owner has lost house to the bank.

Here is another unique vacant owners marketing list: Vacant Land Owners List
Vacant Landowners – Owned by commercial enterprise: 2,500,000
Vacant Landowners – Owned by individual: 11,200,000

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