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Take advantage of the most effective ad medium … at half the cost!

SYNOPSIS: No doubt direct mail is a highly effective ad medium … which is why Google and so many other major digital marketers are using direct mail to find new customersCLICK HERE to learn more.


  • A digital display ad can’t compete with the visceral tangible aspect of a direct mail piece.
  • Direct mail has the undivided attention of the reader … unlike a Google search result that bombards the eye with display ads.
  • Due to high cost of direct mail, physical mailboxes are no longer full … meaning there’s a high likelihood that intended target will see brand, logo, offer … unlike an ad on a digital screen.
  • Direct mail offers pinpoint targeting that digital cannot match. Displays ads and even Google search results are often seen by individuals with no interest in offer. This direct mail campaign is going strictly to owners/partners of dental practices.

Bottom-line, study after study shows that direct mail works! The problem is the cost … which is why only the big players (Google, etc) can reap the rewards of a direct mail campaign. The small budgets are left with swamped digital mailboxes and ads lost in a sea of search results and display ads. That is until now. Now small budgets can enjoy the rewards of a direct mail campaign … with DMDatabases’ custom B2B co-op direct mail campaign!


Target: Dental Practices

Mail Qty:  25,000 minimum
*This quantity represents a random sample of the 150,000+ dental practices.
*Random sample quantity may increase per participant demand.

Package: Envelope containing 4 full-color postcards with non-competitive dental related offers. And of course, participants may review offers before officially joining the co-op campaign.

Creative Space: “Double-sided” 8.5 x 5.5 postcard to present brand/offer … message to drive dental owners to your website … preferably custom landing page.

Cost: A whopping 50% less than a solo postcard campaign. Plus, a co-op campaign has the huge envelope advantage, per below.

Envelope Advantage: A major benefit with the co-op is the envelope! Postcards by themselves are often ignored and lost; postcards within an envelope … with multiple dental offers are more enticing … capture attention.

Getting Started: . You simply send us your graphic design and DMD takes it from there.

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