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Below are updated business email list quantities as of June 2023.

*Note #1: These business email list quantities represent “one” key decision maker per company. If you want multiple executives per company, then these business email list quantities will increase by the millions.

*Note #2: As noted above these business email list quantities are for “key decision makers” … such President, General Manager, Owner, CEO, Director, etc. Many data sellers advertise higher business email list quantities by including low-level employees … such as customer service, sales reps, bookkeepers, etc.


#1. THE best money-refund data accuracy guarantee in the industry!  Sure, all business email list sellers promise quality, BUT look closely and you’ll learn that majority of business email list sellers offer a so-called “replacement” guarantee … tell-tale sign of low quality. Getting more bad data to replace bad data only makes matters worse. Plus, what good is a credit for more business email addresses if your Sending reputation has been ruined for emailing a low-quality business email list. Bottom-line, don’t be fooled by beautifully designed websites promising 95% email delivery … with a “REPLACEMENT” guarantee. Demand a “money-refund” guarantee! And note that DMDatabases offers a detailed “money-refund” guarantee … and not only for email deliverability but also job title accuracy, firmographics and much more. CLICK HERE to review your business email list guarantee.

#2. THE most firmographic filters for customizing your business email list. Great email deliverability will still result in failure if your message goes to the wrong type of company. A successful business email list is driven by pinpoint targeting, and to help achieve this goal DMDatabases business email lists are selectable by an array of firmographics:

Primary Business Type
Secondary Business Type
Number of Employees at Location
Number of Employees Company-wide
Business Credit Score
… and many more.
CLICK HERE to review available firmographics for pinpointing your ideal business email leads.

#3. THE highest quantity business email list of key decision makers. 15,000,000+ email addresses of “top level” key decision makers (C-Level Executives, Presidents, Owners, Partners, etc). And if you are seeking a business email list consisting of mid-level managers and operation executives, then you are looking at 50,000,000+ business email addresses. These leading business email list quantities reflect DMDatabases being one of the oldest (35+ years) B2B data aggregators!  And CLICK HERE to for a 2 minute video on the importance of job titles when buying a business email list. 

#4: THE best business email list verification. “24-48 hours” before providing your business email list, our E-Team applies an extensive email re-verification process … assuring up-to-date fresh accurate business email leads!
CLICK HERE to learn more about our email verification process.

#5: THE lowest price guarantee. When buying business email leads from DMDatabases you will have confidence of the best price … as DMDatabases matches all competitive rates. We only request that competitive business email marketing list rate matches our detailed money-refund data accuracy guarantee.

COST TO BUY B2B EMAIL LISTS:  Business email list rates run from 8 to 28 cent … final rate determined by quantity, type of executive job titles, and firmographics. Note that all business email marketing lists do have a firm $875 minimum order requirement. The business email leads are for unlimited usage. Your business email database automatically includes the following data AND quality guarantees:  

Full Name of Contact … 95+ percent accurate or money-refund
Job Title of Contact … 95+ percent accurate or money-refund
Email Address of Contact … 90+ percent accurate or money-refund
Company Name … 95+ percent accurate or money-refund
Company Address … 95+ percent accurate or money-refund
Company Phone Number .. 95+ percent accurate or money-refund
*Also included are the firmographics used to build your business email list.


ONE-PER OR ALL PER … BUSINESS EMAIL LIST TIP: When buying your business email lists be sure to specify the number of business email leads per company … otherwise you may find yourself with hundreds of executive email addresses per company. We typically recommend only one or two business email leads per company IF your primary application is email marketing … since many corporate servers will raise a flag and possibly block your domain … if you send multiple emails on the same day; you can minimize this obstacle by spacing the emails so X company will never receive more than one email per week from your company. If the primary application is to reach “qualified” business executives on LinkedIn and/or Facebook, then it’s logical to buy multiple business emails per company … the more the better.


HOW TO BOOST YOUR B2B EMAIL LIST RESULTS: Many executives on a prospecting business email list will not Open your email message if not familiar with your company name – brand, and for this reason it’s wise build brand awareness BEFORE using the prospecting business email list. And for this objective we offer a low-cost brand awareness solution called B2B IP Targeting. In a nutshell, about a week before your B2B email campaign we will serve your display ads (company name/brand image) to the companies that are on your targeted business email list. CLICK HERE to learn more.

BUSINESS EMAIL LISTS OFFER MULTIPLE MARKETING APPLICATIONS: Note that your purchased business email lists can be used for more than just a business email blast. You may also reach your targeted executives on LinkedIn and Facebook by simply uploading your business email list to the custom audience platforms .. thus giving you a multi-channel marketing campaign for optimal results.


With Google Ad Words and other digital campaigns, the marketer never knows the exact NUMBER of businesses … nor the TYPE of businesses … that see an offer … thus it’s impossible to calculate ROI by business market. On the other handle, with business email lists the marketer can measure Open/Click rates by firmographics. With a back-end analysis of the email Opens/Clicks, the marketer can measure performance by business type, number of employees, job title, and other firmographics. And if the business email list includes a wide spectrum of business markets, then it’s even possible that the marketer will discover untapped markets … new revenue sources that have never been aggressively pursued. So even if a business email campaign generates lower sales than another medium (Ad words), one huge benefit of a business email campaign is the option to generate an accurate back-end analyses for gaining valuable insights about which niche markets provide the best ROI … valuable knowledge optimizing marketing resources.

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