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5 tips for buying quality business email leads

Due to low-cost web scraping software, during the past few years there’s been a proliferation of business email list sellers. With a $99 software program a high school student can easily compile 100,000 business email addresses. Unfortunately, many marketers have fallen prey to these low-quality business email lists. The prices are so low that it’s difficult to say no; 10,000 business email leads for just $250 … difficult to say no to this bargain.

Fortunately, there is an easy to avoid buying low quality business email addresses. Answer = Written Money-Refund Guarantee. Of course, every business email list seller has a guarantee, so to ensure you’re receiving a quality guarantee … make sure your business email list guarantee includes these 5 critical elements.

5 Critical Elements Of A Quality Business Email List Guarantee


All data sellers promise quality but look closely and you’ll note that most business email list sellers do NOT support their quality claim with a “money” refund guarantee. Majority of data sellers offer a so-called REPLACEMENT guarantee … tell-tale sign of low quality. With a Replacement guarantee, the data seller promises to replace bad records with more records … likely more bad records. The Replacement guarantee is a great deal for the business email list seller since the seller is using the buyer to update the Seller’s list … at no cost. Unfortunately, the buyer incurs the cost of wasted time and effort, email campaign failure, AND damage to IP reputation and brand name. Bottom-line, if a data seller truly believes in the quality of their product – then the Seller should offer a “money” guarantee … the ultimate proof of quality confidence! DMDatabases offers a detailed “money-refund” guarantee!


Always demand a 90+ percent email delivery rate. A marketer will face serious problems when attempting to use an email list that is more than 10% undeliverable. Many email blasting companies will promptly close email blasting account if the business email list is more than 10% bad. Plus, many ISPs will block email messages or divert to SPAM if the business email list is more than 10% bad.

*TIP: Some marketers think that if they buy 100,000 email addresses … and 50% are good … then it’s still a great deal since they still end up with 50,000 good emails. The fallacy in this logic is that there is no effective way to find the 50,000 good email addresses without incurring damage to email blast account, IP address, company domain/brain, and more. Business email leads from DMDatabases have a 90 “plus” percent guarantee or “money-refund.”


The axiom in real estate is location, location, location. For B2B email marketing the axiom should be job title, job title, job title. Wrong job title is the #1 reason why most B2B email campaigns fail. Though take a closer look, and you will note that most business email list sellers don’t talk about job title accuracy … instead their sole focus is on email accuracy. What good is 100% email delivery if the message is delivered to a customer service rep? Bottom-line, when ordering a business email list, be sure to specify the exact job titles that will work for your offer; and of course, make sure there’s a money-refund guarantee pertaining to job titles. Business email leads from DMDatabases include a 95% job title accuracy guarantee.  CLICK HERE for 2 minute video on this topic.


Always demand money-refund accuracy guarantee for the firmographics (business type, employee size, years-in-business, etc). Having
the RIGHT contact name … with a 100% email delivery rate … will still result in email campaign failure if the message is delivered to the wrong type of company … wrong Target! Example,

If you’re seeking a church email list, then it’s money lost if the purchased church email list is packed with religious bookstores, private Christian schools, religious supply wholesalers, Salvation Army offices, etc.

If you’re seeking a build contractor email list, then it’s money lost if the purchased builder email list is packed with plumbing wholesalers, hardware stores, lumber yards, etc.

If you’re seeking a legal email list, then it’s money lost if the purchased legal email list is packed with accountants, realtors, legal product wholesalers, etc.

TIP: Most low-quality business email lists have very HIGH email quantities because the data sellers include businesses with zero affinity to the Target. Have great caution if the business email list has a high quantity.

DMDATABASES: All business markets are phone verified … we know the exact business type … no inferred / guesswork. Example, if you ask for restaurants … then that’s exactly what we will provide. NO restaurant wholesalers, convenience stores, or other businesses that are not restaurants.


The phones are not for telemarketing. The phones are for verifying the accuracy of the business email list. And no need to call every name on the list. A “random” 25 calls is all you need to verify a business email list quality.


Name of Key Decision Maker … 98% accurate or money refund
Job Title … 95% accurate or money refund
Email Address of Contact … 90+ % delivery or money refund
Name of Firm/Company … 95% accurate or money refund
Direct Mail Address … 95% delivery rate or money refund
Phone … 95% connect rate or money refund
Firmographics … 95% accurate or money refund.

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