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Voters Marketing Lists for Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Ads.

For 30+ years … a leading aggregator of enhanced voter databases! Voter mobile phone data, voter email addresses, AND extensive array of voter demographics for micro-targeting.

CUSTOMIZED VOTERS MARKETING LISTS FOR MICRO-TARGETING: Micro-Targeting means not sending the same message to every voter but rather customizing messages for each voter … or voter segments. Example, the message presented to seniors should be different than the message for millennials. To implement a micro-targeting campaign you need an enhanced voter lists … loaded with demographics such as age, income, marital status, race/ethnicity, education level, gender, occupation, number of children in household, etc. Enhanced voters marketing list is our specialty.

VOTER LIST CLEANSING: Government voter lists have a lot of inaccuracies … duplicates, wrong addresses, deceased names, etc. These inaccuracies do NOT exist on our voting lists because we’ve already cleaned/updated the voting lists for you.

VOTER MARKETING LIST QUANTITY: No reason for you to spend the time, money, and bureaucratic hassle of visiting the election boards for voting lists. We already collected the voting data for you … from all state, county, and municipal election boards … nationwide. And due to an extensive data aggregation network – not only do we offer ALL registered voters … BUT also the most non-registered voters … with a political party affiliation score.

NON-REGISTERED VOTER MARKETING LIST: Just as important as a registered voters list – to increase chances of electoral success you need a list of non-registered voters. We can provide postal, phone, email data for “non-registered” voters in your district. And we offer enhanced filters to pinpoint the non-registered voters that match your typical voter profile … a valuable tool as it’s not wise to spend limited dollars trying to flip a hard-core opponent segment.



Email Campaign to Voter Marketing List:  We will email blast your offer to your voters marketing list with a guaranteed email open rate (assuming offer/creative is approved). And after the email campaign to the voter email list, you have the option of receiving an email list of the voters that Opened your email message … huge benefit since many of these email opens can be converted into a supporter with a just few more email offers.

Voters Email List: We can also provide the voters email list if you wish to execute and control your own voter email campaign. And note that our voter email list has a 90+ percent accuracy rate or “money-refund!” Of course, one major advantage of buying a voter marketing email list is the unlimited usage benefit … the option to test multiple offers, subject lines, creatives, etc.

Digital Ad Campaign to Voters Marketing List: We will serve digital banner ads to your voters marketing list. When the voters are surfing the web from their home network, your ad will appear on many of the websites that the voters are viewing. And to reiterate – the digital ads are only served to households from your voter marketing list. Along with display ad clicks, this low-cost digital campaign is also a sure way to boost direct mail list results and email open rates!

Facebook Ads to Qualified Voters: Along with email marketing – you can use our voter email list to reach the same “qualified” voter leads on Facebook. We emphasize the “qualified” word because the Facebook platform doesn’t offer the extensive array of qualification filters for pinpointing your optimal voters and/or for segmenting unique voter list groups.

Voters Mailing List: Unlike digital ad mediums (Google ad words, Google Search, Facebook, etc), direct mail offers a guaranteed way to reach your custom voter segment. And to help boost results from your voters mailing list – we can execute a digital ad campaign in conjunction with the direct mail drop … synchronized campaigns will for sure boost your direct mail results.



Non-Registered Voters BUT Very Affluent
Frequent Voters – Voted in Past 2 Primaries
Business Owners
Frequent Voters that are Gun Owners
Very High Net Worth Voters


Political Affiliation
Voter Registration Date
Voting Frequency – Voting History
Education Level
Homeowner / Home Value
Lifestyle (Golf, Tennis, Country Club, Boating, Art, Etc)
Marital Status
Net Worth
Number of Adults in Household
Politically Active Voters
Race / Ethnicity
Real Estate Investor Voter
Single Parent Voter
Voters by Religious Denomination
Voters that Drive Big Vehicles


ACLU Members – American Civil Liberties Union
Baseball Enthusiasts Voters
Christian Family Voters
Conservative Gun & Rifle Owners
Evangelical Voters
Gambling Enthusiasts Voters
Headquarters for Associations
Hispanic Registered Voters
NASCAR Enthusiasts Voters
National Review Magazine – Active Subscribers
Registered Voters belonging to one of various minority segments.
Single Parent Voters
Spanish Speaking Republicans
Stockbrokers (NASD Dealers) that are Registered Republican Voters
Subscribers to Tea Party publication
Unaffiliated Voters by Congressional District
Voter List by Education Level (High School, Vocational, College, Master, Graduate)

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