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Highly Accurate - Multi-Sourced Saturation Mailing Data
The Occupant Database allows you to reach virtually every single household in the country … maximum market coverage! Plus, with the Occupant Database you get the lowest postage rate possible.

The Occupant Database is the most accurate saturation mailing list available. Updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service. The database is 100% ZIP+4+2 and Carrier Route Coded. Our Occupant Mail Addresses can be used for National, Regional and Neighborhood Occupant Mailings.

Addresses are comprised of approximately 85 % Resident Addresses, 6 % Business Addresses, 1.5 % Post Office Box Addresses where there is no home delivery and 7.5 % Post Office Box Number Addresses used for auxiliary addresses.

Along with saturation mailings, this database can also be used for address validation and as a foundation for new or existing customer databases. All addresses are matched to the Delivery Sequence File ( DSF) to ensure accuracy.

Note that the Occupant Mailing List is addressed to the “Current Resident” at a particular address, not to a specific individual at that address. If you are interested in a residential or consumer mailing list based on demographic or psychographic segments, please visit our Consumer Mailing List page.


  • Seasonal Address
  • Route Types
  • College Addresses
  • Trailer Addresses
  • City or Rural Addresses
  • Single or Multi-Family Addresses
  • Residential or Business Addresses
  • % Of Households With Children
  • Median Income
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Age
  • Ethnicity


  • State
  • County
  • Zip Code
  • Carrier Routes
  • Zip+4s
  • Radii (Distance around Center)

Congressional / Local District Boundaries (perfect for election campaign efforts!)
Census Tracts
Even your own polygons, zones or trade areas!


You receive the lowest postage rate when you “saturate” a market. The USPS offers postage discounts based on the number of pieces mailed in each postal carrier route or neighborhood. A carrier route is simply the grouping of addresses that a postal employee delivers to on a daily basis. To qualify for a saturation rate, you must mail to at least 90% of the active residential addresses or at least 75% of the total number of residential and business addresses in each carrier route receiving your mail. Our Occupant list offers this ability to maximize your postal savings.

The USPS also requires that a saturation list be sorted in “walk sequence.” Organizing a list in walk sequence limits the interaction the USPS has with the mail piece by placing each piece in the order that the mail carriers walk/drive their route. Following these guidelines positions your mail in a classification called “Enhanced Carrier Route Walk Sequence” or ECRWSS. This significantly lowers your postage rate, dropping it down from the ever-rising first class rates by as much as 60%. We can help you obtain the lowest possible discounts among any of the other available postal discounts.