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1000+ lifestyle lists for email, direct mail, mobile, digital ads

CONSUMER LISTS BY LIFESTYLE: Gardening, knitting, video gaming, camping, golf, scuba diving, yoga, fashion … name any lifestyle and likely that specific lifestyle mailing list is available. At bottom of page is a listing of the popular direct-source lifestyle mailing lists – lifestyle email lists. You also have access to 5000+ lifestyle/behavioral groups when using the propensities models – CLICK HERE for this group.

WHY USE A LIFESTYLE MARKETING LIST: A demographic (age, income, education, occupation, etc) qualified marketing list will perform well, BUT adding a lifestyle list qualifier is a “guaranteed” way to boost ROI.

WHICH LIFESTYLE MARKETING LIST? Many marketers have a good idea of the demographic profile that performs best, though the optimal lifestyle list is often cloudy … partly due to limitations in lifestyle research. To help client focus on the “top performing lifestyle lists” we offer a low-price “Lifestyle Profile Analysis.” Simply send us a random sample of your customers, and within 24 hours we will provide a detailed report showing the top performing lifestyle interests groups. You can then use this valuable report to order a lifestyle marketing list consisting of people that have a strong lifestyle affinity to your product/offer.

USE LIFESTYLE MARKETING LISTS TO REACH THE PASSIONATE: Sure, most folks enjoy a fine dining restaurant experience, though how does a restaurant owner focus on the few who are passionate about fine dining … who “frequently” visit fine dining restaurants? One option is to use the “wine-lovers” lifestyle list filter … as research shows that wine-lovers visit fine dining restaurants more frequently than non-wine-lovers. Similarly, there are millions who have taken an international vacation to Europe, BUT from this one trip one cannot conclude that all these travelers are passionate international travelers. How does the travel marketer find the passionate “frequent” international travelers? One option is to select lifestyle list filters that would increase the passionate likelihood … such as travelers that have the lifestyle hobbies of photography, fashion, art, etc. The examples are endless, so call now and let us know your product/offer, and our lifestyle data specialists will share some ideas to help you select the optimal lifestyle marketing list.

ENHANCED LIFESTYLE MAILING LIST: Due to the high cost of direct mail we often recommend our enhanced lifestyle mailing list … which consist of individuals with the specified lifestyle on 3+ primary sources (survey, publication, and product purchase). Note that this custom lifestyle direct mail list requires a large geographic area to generate enough names.

TIP FOR RESEARCHING – BUYING A LIFESTYLE MAILING LIST – MARKETING LIST: In a nutshell there are two lifestyle marketing list types: inferred and direct source. Inferred means guessing … though do note that guessing is sometimes better than nothing … especially when considering the guessing accuracy has increased with some of the big data algorithms. Direct source means the lifestyle is not inferred … verified via source (specific publication, self-reported survey, product purchase, etc). Bottom-line, when ordering a lifestyle mailing list – lifestyle email list be sure that lifestyle data seller very clearly indicates lifestyle compilation source type.

BE SURE TO QUALIFY LIFESTYLE MARKETING LIST WITH DEMOGRAPHICS: For optimal success you need BOTH demographic and psychographic qualifiers. CLICK HERE to review the extensive selection of demographic qualifiers.

Lifestyle Mailing Lists: $250 Minimum
Lifestyle Mobile List: $500 Minimum
Lifestyle Email Lists: $975 Minimum
Lifestyle Display Ad Campaign: $1100 Minimum

ACTIVE Biking / Mountain Biking
ACTIVE Boating / Sailing
ACTIVE Camping / Hiking
ACTIVE Equestrian
ACTIVE Exercise - Aerobic
ACTIVE Exercise - Running / Jogging
ACTIVE Exercise - Walking
ACTIVE Fishing
ACTIVE Fitness Enthusiast
ACTIVE Golf Enthusiast
ACTIVE Hunting / Shooting
ACTIVE Motorcycling
ACTIVE Outdoor Enthusiast
ACTIVE Scuba Diving
ACTIVE Skiing Enthusiast
FASHION/ACCESSORY Apparel - Children’s
FASHION/ACCESSORY Apparel - Men’s Big and Tall
FASHION/ACCESSORY Apparel - Women’s - Petite
FASHION/ACCESSORY Apparel - Women’s - Plus Sizes
FASHION/ACCESSORY Beauty and Cosmetics
FASHION/ACCESSORY Mail Order Buyer: Clothing/Shoes
FASHION/ACCESSORY Mail Order Buyer: Jewelry/Cosmetics
FASHION/ACCESSORY Young Women’s Apparel
ART Cultural / Artistic Living
ART Movie Collector
ART Photography Enthusiasts
ART Theater / Performing Arts
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Auto / Motorcycle Racing
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Baseball
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Basketball
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Football
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Hockey
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Soccer
AVID SPORTS SPECTATOR Spectator Sports - Tennis
CHILDREN Children/Parenting Products
CHILDREN Children’s Apparel - Infants & Toddlers
CHILDREN Children’s Learning & Activity Toys
CHILDREN Children’s Products - General
CHILDREN Children’s Products - General - Baby Care
CHILDREN Children’s Products - General - Back-to-School
CHILDREN Grandparent
COLLECT Collectibles - Antiques
COLLECT Collectibles - Arts
COLLECT Collectibles - Coins
COLLECT Collectibles - General
COLLECT Collectibles - Sports Memorabilia
COLLECT Collectibles - Stamps
COLLECT Collector - Dolls
COLLECT Collector - Figurines
COLLECT Collector Avid
COLLECT Other Collectibles
CONTRIBUTE Contribution Amount
CONTRIBUTE Donates to Charities
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Animal Welfare Social Causes & Concerns
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Children
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Environment/Wildlife
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Health Social Causes & Concerns
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Other Social Causes & Concerns
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Political- Conservative
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Political- Liberal
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Religious Social Causes & Concerns
CONTRIBUTE Donation Group –  Veterans
CONTRIBUTE Health & Institution Contributor
CONTRIBUTE Last Contribution Date
CONTRIBUTE Last Party Contributed To
CONTRIBUTE Political Contributor
CONTRIBUTE Religious Contributor
COOK Cooking - General
COOK Cooking - Gourmet
COOK Cooking - Low Fat
COOK Culinary Interests Magazine
COOK Food - Vegetarian
COOK Foods - Natural
COOK Wine Enthusiast
FOOD Collect/Special Foods Buyer
GAMBLE Casino Vacation Travel
GAMBLE Contest Entrants
GAMBLE Gaming - Casino Enthusiasts
GAMBLE Gaming - Lottery Enthusiasts
GAMBLE Sweepstakes Entrants
HEALTH Ailment - Specific - CLICK HERE
HEALTH Contact Lens Wearer
HEALTH Dieting / Weight Loss
HEALTH Healthy Living
HEALTH Prescription Drug User
HEALTH Smoking / Tobacco
HEALTH Weight Conscious
HOME High End Appliances
HOME Home & Garden Enthusiast
HOME Home Decorating/Furnishing
HOME Home Furnishings / Decorating
HOME Home Improvement - Do-It-Yourselfers
HOME Home Theater System
HOME Home Workshop
HOME Kitchen Aids/Small Appliances
HOME Satellite Dish
HOME Woodworking
INVESTOR Investments - Personal
INVESTOR Investments - Real Estate
INVESTOR Investments - Stocks/Bonds
INVESTOR Invests In Mutual Funds/Annuities
INVESTOR Money Opportunity Seekers


MILITARY Military Memorabilia/Weaponry
MILITARY Military: Active
MILITARY Military: Inactive
MISC Affluent Lifestyle
MISC Aviation
MISC Car Buff - Self Automotive Work
MISC Career Improvement
MISC Celebrities
MISC Credit Card: Presence of Premium
MISC Education Online
MISC Environmental Issues
MISC Games - Board Games / Puzzles
MISC Gifts & Gadgets Buyer
MISC Green Living
MISC Membership Clubs
MISC Politics Interest
MISC Self Improvement
MISC Sewing / Knitting / Needlework
MOB Crafts/Hobby Merchandise Buyer
MOB General Merchandise Buyer
MOB High Ticket Mail Order Buyer
MOB Mail Order Buyer: Gardening
MOB Mail Order Buyer: Gifts
MOB Mail Order Multibuyer
MOB Presence of Mail Order Responder
MOB Upscale Merchandise Buyer
MOB Value-Priced General Merchandise
MUSIC Music - Avid Listener
MUSIC Music Collector
MUSIC Music Interest - Christian/Gospel
MUSIC Music Interest - Country
MUSIC Music Interest - Jazz/New Age
MUSIC Music Interest - Music In General
MUSIC Music Interest - Other Music
MUSIC Music Interest - R & B
MUSIC Music Interest - Rock ‘N Roll
MUSIC Music Interest -Children’s Music
MUSIC Music: Classical/Opera/Big Band
MUSIC Own Musical Instruments
OWNERSHIP Boat Owner - Click Here
OWNERSHIP Car Owner Details - Click Here
OWNERSHIP Motorcycle Owner - Click Here
OWNERSHIP Off-Road Recreational Vehicles
PET Cat Owner
PET Dog Owner
PET Other Pet Owner
READ Books & Music - Books - Audio
READ Current Affairs / Politics
READ History / Military
READ Magazine Subscription -Business & Finance
READ Magazine Subscription -Children’s Magazines
READ Magazine Subscription -Computer/Electronics
READ Magazine Subscription -Crafts Games & Hobbies
READ Magazine Subscription -Current Events/News
READ Magazine Subscription -Fitness
READ Magazine Subscription -Food/Wine/Cooking
READ Magazine Subscription -Gardening Magazines
READ Magazine Subscription -Hunting & Fishing
READ Magazine Subscription -Men’s
READ Magazine Subscription -Music
READ Magazine Subscription -Parenting/Babies
READ Magazine Subscription -Sports Magazines
READ Magazine Subscription -Subscription
READ Magazine Subscription -Travel
READ Magazine Subscription -Women’s
READ News & Financial
READ Reading - Audio Books
READ Reading - Best Sellers
READ Reading - Financial Newsletter Subscribers
READ Reading - General
READ Reading - Magazines
READ Reading - Religious / Inspirational
READ Reading - Science Fiction
READ Religious Magazine
RFM Low Scale Catalogs
RFM Mid Scale Catalogs
RFM Upscale Catalogs
RFM Offline Average Dollars Per Order
RFM Offline Number Of Orders
RFM Offline Orders Quantity $1,000+
RFM Offline Orders Quantity $100 - $249.99
RFM Offline Orders Quantity $250 - $499.99
RFM Offline Orders Quantity $50 - $99.99
RFM Offline Orders Quantity $500 - $999.99
RFM Offline Orders Quantity Under $50
RFM Offline Weeks Since Last Order
RFM Online Average Dollars Per Order
RFM Online Number Of Orders
RFM Online Orders Quantity $1,000+
RFM Online Orders Quantity $100 - $249.99
RFM Online Orders Quantity $250 - $499.99
RFM Online Orders Quantity $50 - $99.99
RFM Online Orders Quantity $500 - $999.99
RFM Online Orders Quantity Under $50
RFM Online Weeks Since Last Order
RFM Last Online Order Date (YYYYMM)
RFM Catalog Buyer Frequency –  Individual
RFM Catalog Buyer Recency –  Individual
TECH Computing/Home Office - General
TECH Early Technology Adopter
TECH Electronics & Computing Enthusiast
TECH Games - Video Games
TECH Heavy Internet User
TECH High Tech Living
TECH Science / Space
TRAVEL Travel - Cruise Vacations
TRAVEL Travel - Domestic
TRAVEL Travel - Family Vacations
TRAVEL Travel: Foreign

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