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Affluent Households with Children Mailing List / Email List
Artistic Parents – Bought art toys for their children.
Avid Golfers with kids mailing list
Avid Tennis Players with kids
Canadian Family Vacation Travelers (over 1.2 million Canadian households)
Canadian households with children mailing list
Children that ride horses / Equestrian Families (over 80,000 households)
Children who play musical instruments (Lighthouse List Company)
City Kids – Families Located in Big Cities Mailing List
Highly Educated Parents, with Master’s Degree
Hispanic Families mailing list
College Educated Parents mailing list
Elderly parents living with children
Families by Ethnicity (Indian families, Asian families, etc)
Families on Waterfront Mailing List
Families that own a boat
Families that own a pet
Family Neighborhoods mailing list
Farm Families / Rural Families
High Income Households with Children
High Net Worth Households with Children Mailing List

Hispanic parents that bought Children English speaking tools
Home School Families
Homes with swimming pools
Large Families … 6+ children in household
Literary Children – Young children that wrote letters to authors.
Mailing List of Children who love to read
Millionaire Families
Musical Parents – Bought musical children toys.
Parents that love to travel – international family vacations
Photogenic Children and Moms – Photo / Modeling Competition
Pottery Barn Kids
Single Dads raising children mailing list.
Single Parents / Single Moms mailing list
Soccer moms email list / mailing list.
Sports Illustrated Kids – Kids that love sports
Summer Kamp Kids
Teen Sports – Teens Active in Sports
Teen Vogue Magazine Subscribers – Teen Fashionistas
Very Affluent Executives with Kids
Very Wealthy Families Mailing List
Young kids that are cheerleaders