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Musicians email list, authors email list, artists email list, much more.

Reach musicians, writers, dancers, singers, actors, and other artists - entertainers “at their home address.” Most entertainment mailing lists floating around are at the “business address” … often the manager or simply some random legal shell company. Not here … our entertainment email lists - mailing lists are for the home address! 

Authors – Professional Writers Mailing List: 18,600 home addresses
Authors – Professional Writers Email List: 13,000 personal email addresses

Musicians Mailing List: 5,620 home addresses
Musicians Email List: 4,200 personal email addresses

Singers Mailing List: 1,342 home addresses
Singers Email List: 1,100 personal email addresses

Artists Mailing List: 13,200 home addresses
Artists Email List: 9,200 personal email addresses

Actors Mailing List: 2,200 home addresses
Actors Email List: 1,100 personal email addresses

Entertainers Mailing List: 6,547 home addresses
Entertainers Email List: 4,500 personal email addresses

Other Creative People Mailing List: 76,000 home addresses*
Other Creative People Email List: 51,000 personal email addresses*
*Includes designers, dancers, professional photographers, producers, etc.

*Note … there is “no” duplication among the above entertainment mailing list – email list groups.

Mailing List of Theatrical Companies: 10,302
Mailing List of Dance Companies: 17,830
Mailing List of Musical Companies: 14,953
Mailing List of Sporting Clubs: 9,438
Mailing List of Entertainment Groups: 52,749
Email for key decision maker available for all entertainment companies.

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