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1. CONSTRUCTION LISTS TURNOVER: The number of construction companies and independent construction contractors that enter and leave the construction industry is staggering, and for this reason keeping a construction mailing list up-to-date is a huge challenge … but a challenge that we have met through phone verification surveys AND tapping a huge net worth of niche construction mailing list sources. Compiling a list of plumbers from a directory and then selling that name is NOT our way! Instead, we call all records on the plumbers email list / mailing list BEFORE we release the name to marketers. As important, we only release construction contractor email leads that have been verified by a minimum 2+ sources. Bottom-line, our construction mailing lists and email lists have the highest deliverability / accuracy rate on the market!

2. PRIMARY CONSTRUCTION LISTS: No doubt contractors are the jack-of-all-trades! It’s not uncommon to find a painter than does plumbing … or an electrician that does roofing. Unfortunately, this fact may represent a challenge to the construction supplier – since it’s not always wise to send a plumbing catalog to a painter … who happens to do little plumbing on the side. If the goal is to maximize R.O.I., then it’s best to only buy a construction email list – mailing list based on the primary business function. And if the marketing goal is maximum reach – then best to use the secondary business filter.

3. CONSTRUCTION LISTS QUANTITY: The construction industry consists of many independent contractors that do not advertise in the yellow pages nor are listed in specialized construction directories. For this reason you’ll find that many mailing list suppliers are missing a significant number of contractors. Not here! After 30+ years of building a huge network of construction mailing list sources – we can confidently boast the largest database of construction leads. With our construction mailing lists you’ll not miss key prospects – selling opportunities.

4. CONSTRUCTION MAILING LIST @ HOME ADDRESS: Almost half of all construction contractors are operating from a residential address, and this fact offers a few marketing advantages. For one a direct mail offer to a home address doesn’t have to pass an office gatekeeper. Two, a construction contractor email addresses are easier to obtain than construction business email addresses. Three, demographic data (age, race/ethnicity, education level, income, etc) is available with a construction residential list … meaning there’s the opportunity to build some profiles to gain a greater insight to customers. Four, knowing the address type gives the construction marketer a chance to adjust the creative package / offer … as a plumber operating from home may have different product needs than a plumber operating from a commercial address.

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