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Email List of Hot Leads = Money in the Bank!

What are Email Hot Leads?
Hot Leads are the email recipients that showed interest in your offer … but did not respond for variety of reasons: too busy, intend to look again later, no need at moment, this month’s budget is low, not fully convinced, etc.

Why are Hot Leads like money in the bank?
When you receive Hot Lead data, you have a second chance to convert fence-sitters into sales. History shows that with additional offers – many Hot Leads are converted into sales … money in the bank.

Another Huge Benefit of Hot Leads:
There are some email blasting companies that will promise to email your offer to 100,000 prospects for under $1000. Unfortunately some of these companies will take your money and not even send the email. Thus, Hot Leads are great because Hot Leads are proof that your email campaign was sent AND delivered into the email recipient’s InBox. Have caution with doing an email blast with a company that will not give you Hot Leads.

A Piece of Paper:
Some email blasting companies will claim that you don’t need Hot Leads as proof … since their “Email Report” is proof that your email campaign was sent. The reports (nothing more than a piece of paper) will show that thousands OPENED your email … and thousands CLICKED on your links – very exciting. Unfortunately, it’s only a piece of paper. We have had people come to us claiming that 10,000 people OPENED their email … but zero responded (bought / sent a reply form).

Selling Trick:
Some dubious list sellers promise huge quantities as a way to entice people into buying their email list. It’s an effective selling strategy since it’s difficult to say no to having your offer emailed to 100,000 prospects for just $499. Very enticing! Don’t fall prey to this trick. None of these low cost scams will give you Hot Leads … for obvious reasons.

You Don’t Need 100,000:
Besides, you do NOT need 100,000 email addresses for success. You need quality. FACT: 10,000 quality email addresses will easily generate more responses than 100,000 low quality emails.

How Are We Different:
DMDatabases will give you email HOT LEADS whenever we execute your email campaign.