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Positive ROI synergy between paid Search and Display Ads

DISPLAY ADS AVERAGE CTR: Click-through rates for a display ad campaign run between .2% and .8% … a bit higher for targeted uploaded audience profiles. When considering Google Search ads generate a much higher CTR, some may ask why are multi-national companies spending “billions” of dollars on display ads?

WHY BILLIONS ARE SPENT ON DISPLAY ADS: First – the fact that billions of dollars are being spent on displays should speak volumes to their efficacy. Along with the billion-dollar point – there’s the research. Numerous studies show that display ads build brand awareness … which in turns boost search clicks … along with boosting response in other campaigns, such as email marketing, direct mail, etc.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING IS CRITICAL FOR UNKNOWN BRANDS: Search ads are very effective for known brands. On the other hand, if potential buyers have never heard of brand X, then they won’t search for X brand when they need the product or service. And even if X brand appears in paid search or organic results, research show that user is still less likely to click if not familiar with brand X. The brand awareness that display ads build helps overcome these shortcomings … thus boosting search and organic click results.

HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL STUDY: One of many studies, done by the Harvard Business School, found that display ads “significantly” increase search clicks and conversions. The study highlighted the fact that many marketers often give credit to search clicks without recognizing the fact that displays ads helped move the buyer further down the conversion funnel. As one example, the study identified many consumers who recalled seeing a display ad … weeks before clicking a search ad and converting into a sale. Bottom-line, search and display ads complement each other.

OTHER DISPLAY AD BENEFITS: Along with boosting search/organic clicks via brand awareness …

-Display ads are effective for products/services that have a long sales cycles … such as real estate, cars and other high dollar offers,

-Display ads are effective when targeting unique buyers who tend to spend more time on a few selected sites than on search engines,

-Display ads can include captivating images and video … while search ads are limited to text,

-Display ads encourage site visits and searches even where people don’t click on ads; instead of clicking a display ad, people will manually search for the advertised brand.

PINPOINT TARGETING WITH IP DISPLAY ADVERTISING: One major advantage IP display advertising has over other display ad platforms is the option of uploading very customized – targeted audiences … thus assuring no wasted display ads. IP display ads are only seen by the exact intended target – which often generates CTR above the industry average.

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