How To Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors

If you are using purchased email lists to reach your prospects, then no doubt you’re missing at least 60+ percent of your prospects … potential customers. Why? Simply because not a single list seller has email addresses for more than 30 or 40 percent of your prospects. Have caution with any list seller who claims to have a lot of email addresses.

Here are the average coverage rates:

Business Email Addresses = average coverage about 25%. Email quantity low because most executives do not release their email address nor post in directories. And note that email list quantities are even lower for high level executive (CEOs, Owners, Presidents, VPs, etc).

Consumer Email Addresses  = average coverage about 25 to 40%. Email quantity low because most people do not opt-in for 3rd party offers. And note that email list quantities are even lower for certain demographic groups (seniors, affluent, etc).


GOOGLE KNOWS: Most of your prospects don’t know about you if email marketing is your sole marketing medium … and Google know this … and that’s why Google is using direct mail to reach their missing prospects. Some reports indicate that Google mailed over 10,000,000 direct mail pieces last year.

HOW TO GAIN AN EDGE OVER YOUR COMPETITION: Use Direct Mail. Most of your competitors are missing the majority of your prospects … since no advertising medium covers 100% of your prospects … except for direct mail. If you use direct mail you will reach prospects that most of your competitors have never reached … thus giving you a competitive edge.

WHO TO MAIL? Direct mail to all prospects may exceed budget, so it’s best to use direct mail just for your top prospects … Cream-of-the-Crop. For most businesses … 20% of customers represent 80% of the sales. With this fact in mind, it would be very wise to send a direct mail piece to your missing prospects … within the top 20% group.


Direct mail doesn’t cost significantly more than email marketing. We can refer a company that will design, print and mail your postcard for under 40 cents per postcard. For example, you could send a postcard to 2500 prospects for under $975 … and this cost includes postage.

Direct mail will generate more leads than email marketing.This link explains more:
20 Advantages Direct Mail has over Email Marketing:  Click Here