Consumer Email List – Return On Investment

On the “front-end” our consumer email lists have a higher cost than some, BUT on the back-end our rates are cheaper … generating a lower cost per lead.

return on investment graph

*Average OPEN rates run from 5 to 20 percent; low end rate used for this example

Why does the low quality email list have a low OPEN rate? CLICK HERE


6 reasons why our consumer email list will give you higher
OPEN/CLICK rates than other email lists.

  1. Accurate Target Market … or money refund. A 99% email delivery rate will still result in failure if a great offer goes to the wrong target. Low cost lists often inflate quantities by including records that have no relation to your target market. Example, an email list of seniors may include a lot of teenagers.
  2. Accurate Full Name (First + Last) of Email Recipient … or money refund. A consumer email list that doesn’t include the full name of email recipient … is very likely a low quality email list.
  3. Accurate Direct Mail Address … or money refund.  A consumer email list that doesn’t include the direct mail address (95% delivery guarantee) … is very likely a low quality email list.
  4. Accurate “opt-in” email address (90+ percent delivery) …. or money-refund.   Low cost consumer email lists often have a lot of inaccurate email addresses. Some think 75% is a good enough accuracy rate, BUT this belief misses the fact that the ISPs (AOL, Gmail, etc) will often block all of the “good” email addresses if the email list is more than 10% inaccurate.
  5.  Accurate Demographic Qualifiers … or money refund. Age (verified birth month/year), marital status, gender, household composition, home value, years at home, etc.
  6. QUALITY! THE greatest testament to quality is a clear written guarantee. All email list sellers have some type of guarantee, BUT look closely and you’ll notice that VERY few offer a definitive /detail “money-refund” quality guarantee … and there’s a good reason why they don’t.


For 25+ years we have offered the best written money-refund quality guarantee in the industry. IF you find a lower rate that matches our quality guarantee, we’ll match AND give an additional 20% off.

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