In the past few years there’s been a proliferation of business email list sellers. Mainly because in this electronic age anybody can compile low quality business email addresses. With a $99 software program a high school student can compile 100,000 email addresses. Unfortunately many marketers / entrepreneurs have fallen prey to these low quality email lists; the prices are so low that it’s difficult to say no.

The great news is that there is an easy way to avoid buying low quality email addresses? The Written Guarantee! Of course every email list seller has a guarantee, so to ensure you’re receiving a quality guarantee … make sure your email list guarantee includes these 5 critical elements.


5 Critical Elements Of A Quality Business Email List Guarantee

    Always demand a money-refund guarantee. Here’s why.

    All data sellers promise quality, but look closely and you’ll note that 98% of data sellers do NOT support their quality claim with a “money” refund guarantee. Some sellers offer a so-called REPLACEMENT guarantee … which is a trick / weak guarantee … and here’s why:

    With a Replacement guarantee, the data seller promises to provide new records for all bad records that the buyer finds. This is a great deal for the seller since the seller is using you the buyer to update their list … at no cost. Unfortunately the buyer incurs the cost of damaging IP reputation and brand name … plus time and effort.

    The so-called Replacement guarantee is also a bad deal since replacing low quality emails with additional low quality emails simply exacerbates the problem of damaging the sender’s IP reputation and brand.

    Bottom-line, if a data seller truly believes in the quality of their product – there should be no reason not to offer a “money” guarantee … the ultimate proof of quality confidence!

    DMDATABASES: Email address, contact name, job title, company address, phone, and firmographics (business type, employee size, etc) … all backed-up with a “MONEY” refund accuracy/quality guarantee!

    Always demand a 90+ percent email delivery rate. Here’s why.

    A marketer will face serious problems when attempting to use an email list that is more than 10% undeliverable. Many email blasting companies (ConstantContact, MailChimp, Campaigner, etc) will promptly close your account if the email list is more than 10% bad. Plus, many of the ISPs will block email messages or divert to SPAM if email list is more than 10% bad. Some marketers think that if they buy 100,000 email addresses … and 50% are good … then it’s still a great deal since they still end up with 50,000 good emails. The fallacy in this logic is that there is no effective way to find the 50,000 good email addresses without damaging the company’s reputation in the process.

    DMDATABASES: Yes, we guarantee a 90 “plus” percent email delivery rate or money refund.

    Always demand “full contact name” and JOB TITLE for every email address. Here’s why.

    Sure, a 99% email delivery rate seems great … but the email Open/Click-Through rate will still be zero if the email message goes to a non-decision maker. Here are 3 examples:

    CATCH-ALL EMAIL ADDRESS: The “catch-all” email address is the ultimate non decision maker … the most common email address on the low quality email databases. The catch-all email address is for a person that doesn’t exist … a former employee or simply a made-up name. Many companies have a “catch-all” mailbox that will accept ANY message emailed to their domain; example, Buying 100,000 catch-all email addresses for $299 sounds like a great deal, but it’s simply a total waste of money; response will be zero.

    WEB MASTER: Along with catch-all email addresses, low quality business email lists also include many webmaster email addresses. The webmaster is the person who manages the website … and often doesn’t even work for the company. This email address is usually on the website, so this is the email address that the $99 spider programs capture.

    WRONG JOB TITLE: Low level job titles (customer service, billing question, prayer request, reservations request, etc) are often published on websites, so these are the type of job titles that the web spiders collect … the type of job titles that appear on low quality email lists. If you need a business owner email list, then of course the email campaign will not succeed if your offer goes to John Doe in customer service.

    DMDATABASES: We have a money-refund guarantee that the contact names (job titles) are actively employed at the company. If you ask for “Vice Presidents” … then that’s the exact job title you’ll receive.

    Always demand money-refund accuracy guarantee for the firmographics (business type, employee size, years-in-business, etc).

    Having the RIGHT contact name … with a 99% email delivery rate … seems great but sadly the email campaign will still fail … IF a great offer goes to the wrong target / business market. Example,

    • If you’re seeking a church email list, then it’s no help if your email addresses
      consist of bookstores, social services, yoga studios, etc.
    • If you’re seeking a contractor email list, then it’s no help if your email addresses
      consist of plumbing wholesalers, hardware stores, lumber yards, etc.
    • If you’re seeking an attorney email list, then it’s no help if your email addresses
      consist of accountants, realtors, paralegals, etc.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Most low quality email lists have very HIGH quantities … because they include many businesses that have no affinity to the target market. Buying the email list with the highest quantity is a guaranteed way to get burned.

    DMDATABASES: All business markets are phone verified … so we know the exact business type … no inferred / guesswork. Example, if you ask for restaurants … then that’s exactly what we will provide. NO restaurant wholesalers, convenience stores, or other businesses that are not restaurants.

    Always demand phones for each email address. Here’s why.

    The phones are not for telemarketing. The phones are for verifying the quality of the list. And no need to call every name on the list. A “random” 25 calls is all you need to verify a business email list.

    Example phone call: “Hello, just wondering if John Doe is still the owner of the restaurant.”
    Response: Never heard of John Doe
    Response: We are not a restaurant.
    Response: Disconnect

    HUGE ERROR RATE: The low quality lists are horrendous. When calling 25 records you’ll quickly learn that the lists are filled with wrong job titles, nonexistent contact names, wrong type of companies, disconnect rates, etc.

    DMDATABASES: Yes, every email address will have a corresponding phone number. We encourage you to call and verify for yourself our high quality standards.


Full Name (First/Last) of Key Decision Maker … 98% accurate or money refund
Job Title … 95% accurate or money refund
Email Address of Key Decision Maker … 90+ % delivery or money refund
Name of Firm/Company … 95% accurate or money refund
Direct Mail Address … 95% delivery rate or money refund
Phone … 95% connect rate or money refund
Business Firmographics (Employee Size, Business Type, etc) … 95% accurate or money refund.

BOTTOM-LINE: The key to email marketing success is quality email addresses. NOT QUANTITY. 5000 quality email addresses will generate more responses than 100,000 low quality emails. This fact can be proven on any given day with a simple A/B split test.