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Direct Mail Tips

  1. A mail piece is more likely to be retained for future reference than a newspaper/magazine advertisement.
  2. If you mail to your customers on a frequent basis then it’s best to vary the offer/appearance from one time to the next.
  3. As a general rule-an attractive free gift will have greater value appeal than a discount of the same value.
  4. In your letter it’s best that the offer and benefit are expressed in the first paragraph, since your main points get communicated even if the entire letter is not read.
  5. About five times as many people will read the headline as read the body copy.
  6. Your headline will gain greater readability if it’s stated in terms of the reader’s interest and promises a reward or benefit.
  7. It’s beneficial to repeat the benefits and essentials of an offer on the reply card.
  8. The quality of response is more important than quantity of response. A 1% response for free information with a 25% follow-through purchase rate … is more successful than a 2% response with a 10% follow-through purchase rate.
  9. If you plan to mail first class in a #10 envelope, your offer will have a higher response if you use an actual stamp on the envelope instead of metered first-class postage.
  10. How often should I mail my list? The best rule is to mail as often as the list continues to be profitable.