Travel Email List – Travelers Email Lists

The master traveling email database contains email addresses for 28,000,000 travelers …100% opt-in! These travel email addresses consist of travel registrants that have requested information about cruises, travel tips, sightseeing tours, vacation hotspots, etc.

And note that the travel email addresses do not consist of travel registrants that simply clicked a box indicating an interest in travel. These travelers had to provide their full name, birthday, and other pertinent data. In fact, along with the email address you may receive the full name, mailing address, and valuable demographics … an offer than most email list sellers do not provide.

These unique email travel lists are contributed from some of the largest and respected travel websites, so there are restrictions on the type of offers that can use the travel email database.

And as with our mailing list of travelers, with the travelers email list you can pinpoint your ideal travel prospects by using our extensive collection of consumer demographics and lifestyle data.

travel mailing list components

Create your own customized travelers email list with the above consumer lifestyle and demographic data. Here are some ideas of travel email lists that you can create.

  • FAMILY TRAVEL EMAIL LIST … is selectable by age of children, number of children, and marital status of parent (single parent household).
  • EMAIL LIST OF AFFLUENT GOLFERS… that have the money and interest to seize exciting golf offers.
  • EMAIL LIST OF PASSPORT HOLDERS… segmented by Occupation.
  • TRAVEL EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR CANADIANS (English or French speaking).
  • EMAIL LIST OF AFFLUENT TRAVELERS… that have taken multiple cruise trips (Net Worth $2,000,000+).
    Teachers that enjoy traveling during their school break. You can reach these teachers at home address or even their school email address. You can also target teachers by subject taught, teaching experience, income, and much more. For example, a Spanish teacher email list would be perfect for travel offers to Spain, etc. Travelers to India? How about an email list of teachers that focus on India? Travelers to China? Again, an email list of teachers that focus on Asian studies.
    A simple text to traveling enthusiasts can be an effective tool to generate leads.
    55% male, 45% female
    This custom travel list consist of online buyers who have agreed to receive SMS/Text travel offers. You can target these travelers by ethnicity, religion, education, and more. Text messaging quantity exceeds 8,000,000 travel names!