Homes For Sale – Pre-Movers Mailing Lists / Email Lists

Email List – Homes for Sale … over 500,000 email addresses
Mailing List – Homes for Sale … over 1,400,000 direct mail addresses

With the homes for sale mailing list you can reach people that have just listed their home for sale. Making a connection with these pre-movers can generate a HUGE return-on-investment … when considering research strongly shows that these pre-mover names will spend a significant amount of money getting their new home setup. Example, research shows that over 50% of these pre-mover names will purchase a major appliance upon entering their new home.


SOURCES: The Pre-Movers mailing list is compiled from data contributions by extensive number of websites catering to people who are selling their home.

QUANTITY: Due to the extensive number of data contributors, we currently offer THE largest pre-movers mailing list … giving you the maximum number of pre-mover mailing list names.

QUALITY:  Each week we add pre-mover mailing list names, and each week we delete all inactive or sold listings. All mailing addresses have a 95% delivery guarantee or “money” refund.

GEOGRAPHY: You may select your pre-movers mailing list by any geographic parameter (street level, zip code, city name, state, entire US).

CUSTOM SELECTIVITY: Following are just some of the qualifiers that you may use to customize your pre-movers mailing list / email list: Age of Seller, Listing Price, Home Market Value, # of Baths/Rooms, etc.


Pre-Movers Mailing List Selectivity Examples:

Order a pre-movers mailing list consisting of rich people … that have listed their million dollar home for sale.

Order a pre-movers email list consisting of young couples … that are moving-up and getting ready to spend many dollars in the years to come … supporting a future family.

Order a pre-movers mailing of people with low credit scores … which may consist of pre-movers that are selling due to financial stress issues.

Order a pre-movers email list of seniors (age 65+) … maybe selling to become sunbirds in their new Florida condo.

PRE-MOVERS EMAIL LIST: 100% Opt-In Email Addresses with a 90+ percent delivery guarantee or “money” refund. Complimenting your direct mail campaign with an email campaign is a guaranteed way to boost your direct mail response rate!