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Motorcycle Owners Direct Mail List Quantity: over 8,000,000 motorcycle owners!
Harley Davidson motorcycle owners: over 3.5 million direct mail addresses
Honda motorcycle owners: over 700,000
Yamaha motorcycle owners: over 350,000
Suzuki motorcycle owners: over 300,000
BMW motorcycle owners: over 50,000

Use motorcycle data to customize your motorcycle owner email list –mailing list
Motorcycle Make
Motorcycle Model
Motorcycle Year
Motorcycle Odometer Reading
Motorcycle Purchase Date
Motorcycle Title Date
Motorcycle Own/Lease
Motorcycle Fuel Type
# of Vehicles in Household
Motorcycle Class/Style

Motorcycle Owners – Compilation Sources
Motorcycle data is aggregated from an extensive array of sources (online insurance quote forms, warranty providers, point of sale, service repair shops, etc). And of course, we also use motorcycle VIN data … meaning your motorcycle email list / direct mail list is accurate!

Motorcycle VIN data allows us to provide accurate motorcycle email list – mailing list
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Character Position: 1 = motorcycle built location
Character Position: 2nd & 3rd = motorcycle manufacturer
Character Position: 4th – 8th = motorcycle brand, engine size, type
Character Position: 9th = motorcycle security code
Character Position: 10th = motorcycle model year
Character Position: 11th = motorcycle assembling location
Character Position: Last 6 = motorcycle serial number

Use demographics to customize your motorcycle owner mailing list – email list
Age, Income, FICO Score, Gender, Race / Ethnicity, Occupation, Education Level, Net Worth, Number of Adults in Household, Spanish Speaking, Lifestyle Interests / Hobbies (golfer, tennis player, NASCAR fan, etc).

*Here are some top selling motorcycle owner mailing lists:
Seniors that own a motorcycle: over 1,000,000 direct mail names
Very Affluent Motorcycle Owners: over 300,000 direct mail names
Lawyers/Doctors that own a motorcycle: over 300,000 direct names
Veterans that own a motorcycle
BMW car owners that also own a motorcycle

MONEY-REFUND QUALITY GUARANTEE: Of course all sellers promise quality, BUT note that we support our promise with a “money” refund guarantee… not a “replacement” guarantee … a “money-refund” guarantee!

Easyriders Magazines Subscribers: 25,035
Subscribers to a publication that offers looks at Harley-Davidson’s bikes as well as choppers and huge hogs. 96% male; average age 41.

Motorcycle Cruiser: 16,284
Subscribers who enjoy classically styled bikes of all brands.84% male, 5% female; average age 50.

TransWorld Motocross: 20,209
Subscribers to a magazine that has something for everyone who loves motocross: race coverage, bike and product tests and reviews, rider interviews, amateur spotlights, scene reports and pro racer guest editorials. 80% male, 6% female; average age 21

Motorcycle owners mailing list … from popular motorcycle magazines:
American Motorcycle Association
American Rider
Hot Bike
In The Wind Magazine
Motorcycle Classics
Racer X
Sport Rider
The Horse, Backstreet Choppers
Transworld Motocross
V-Twin Motorcycles Magazine

Motorcycle Dealers: 5,404
Motorcycle Repair Shops (excl. above): 3,925
Motorcycle Supply Shops (excl. above): 1,135
Motorcycle Racing Tracks: 169
Motorcycle Rental: 123