Medicare Direct Mail Leads: 5 to 9 cents per name
Medicare Phone Leads: FREE when combined w/DM order
Medicare Email Leads: 9 cents per when combined w/DM order


PRICING: Guarantee lowest price Medicare leads. We will match any rate … plus an additional 10% off … if competitive rate matches our “money-refund” quality guarantee.

MONEY-REFUND MEDICARE LEADS: All Medicare supplement leads have the following “money-refund” quality guarantee:
Full Contact Name … 95+% accurate or money refund
Direct Mail Address** … 95+% accurate or money refund
Opt-In Email Address … 90+% accurate or money refund
Phone Number … 95% accurate or money refund

OPTIMAL COVERAGE – THE MOST MEDICARE LEADS: Due to our extensive compilation sources … 30+ years of data networking … we offer THE highest number of Medicare leads.

EXACT AGE: Accurate age data is the #1 ingredient for a qualified Medicare insurance lead. With this fact in mind note that we have exact birthday … day – month – year … 95% accurate or “money-refund!”

MEDICARE EMAIL LEADS: Based on competitive research – we confidently conclude that we have more Medicare supplement email addresses than any other data seller. As important, our Medicare supplement email addresses have a “money-refund” data accuracy guarantee; all are double-source verified!

EXPERIENCE: DMD has been a leading Medicare insurance leads provider for over 30 years. Bottom-line, we know how to build custom Medicare supplement leads.

Studies show that some demographic groups have a higher propensity to buy Medigap insurance, thus for optimal results its best to focus on certain demographic targets.

MARITAL STATUS: About 60% of Medigap holders are married.
GENDER: 20% more women have a Medigap policy than men.
INCOME: Over 60% of Medigap holders have an income of over $30,000/year.
AGE: Over 60% of Medigap holders are less than age 74.

*Along with martial status, gender, income, age, you may you may customized your Medicare Supplement Insurance leads by many other qualifiers: net worth, race/ethnicity, education level, home value, home equity, years residing at address, lifestyle interests/hobbies, ailments, auto type, and more.

Companies that generate leads by telemarketing are missing 90+ percent of your potential customers … since 90% of seniors are on the FTC DNC list … and this is why direct mail Medicare leads and/or email Medicare leads are the most effective way for reaching the optimal number of Medicare leads.

We don’t offer exclusive Medicare leads, and in fact we recommend caution with paying the high price that these leads demand. We recommend caution because we believe there is no such thing as exclusive. Sure – the web company that generated the Medicare lead may supposedly give you exclusive right to the lead, BUT the web company cannot guarantee that the senior did not complete a reply card with another web company … and another … and another. Think about it – few people hop-on the Internet and complete just one reply card; on the contrary – most folks will visit/review multiple websites and complete multiple info request forms … as the goal is to compare to multiple Medicare Supplement insurance suppliers. In fact, so-called exclusive leads typically have more intense competition … since the folks in this group have a much higher propensity to shop around. Bottom-line, we feel the high cost of exclusive Medicare leads does NOT justify the return on investment.

Answer = Timing + Persistence. By timing we mean contact seniors 12 months before they Turn 65. By persistence we mean constantly stay in touch; ideally once a month send a postcard and/or email message. Build awareness. 12 months later – on the big 65 birthday – the senior will likely know your name and have your contact info nearby.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: Note that you can upload our data to FB if you wish to reach the exact same qualified Medicare leads to Facebook. In fact, a 1-2-3 punch (direct mail + email campaign + FB ad) is a sure way to boost response.