Homeowners Mailing Lists / Email Lists

Highest quantity of homeowner mailing list names!
Highest quantity of homeowner email list names!
Verified homeowners … no inferred data!
Extensive homeowner’s mailing list selectivity options!


HOMEOWNER MAILING LIST DATA SOURCES: County deeds, tax assessors, FSBO websites, real estate info websites, and many other niche sources. For the past 30+ years we’ve specialized in combining data from all major homeowner sources … resulting in the largest and most verified homeowner mailing list / homeowners email list.

HOMEOWNER MAILING LIST QUANTITY:  The US Census shows about 75,000,000 homeowners in the US … about 65% of all living units. Our verified homeowner mailing list quantity is about 67,000,000 … about 89% of all homeowners … the highest “verified” homeowner quantity. Again, no inferred data. Verified homeowners!


HOMEOWNER MAILING SELECTIVITY OPTIONS: Below are some of our homeowner selectivity options:

  • Homeowner Geographic Selectivity: Entire US / Nationwide, Regional, State, City, Neighborhood, Subdivision, Street Name, Parcel ID#.
  • Homeowner Property Type Selectivity Options: Home Market Value, Home Purchase Price, # of Bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, Pool, Fireplace, Floors / Stories, Architectural Style (Art Deco, Cape Code, Bungalow, Colonial, High Rise, Mansion, Mediterranean, Ranch, etc), Waterfront Property Indicator (river, lake, ocean, creek).
  • Homeowner Mortgage Selectivity Options: Mortgage Type (Adjustable, Balloon, Maturity Date, Seller Carry Back, Refinanced Loan, Reverse Mortgage), Cash Only Purchase, etc.

HOMEOWNER MAILING LIST DEMOGRAPHICS: Along with a lots of info about the home / property, we offer an extensive selection of demographics and psychographics on the homeowner. Who is the homeowner? Age, marital status, children, education level, income, net worth, occupation, and more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

HOMEOWNER MAILING LIST QUALITY: All records verified by 2+ sources. All addresses updated on a monthly basis. We guarantee a 95+ percent delivery rate or “money” refund.

HOMEOWNER EMAIL LIST QUALITY: 100% Opt-In Email Addresses. We guarantee a 90+ percent accuracy rate or “money” refund.


  • Homeowners with low FICO Scores
  • Homeowners with Delinquent Property Taxes
  • Pre-Foreclosure Initiated
  • Bank-Owned (REO) Properties
  • Homes with Pending Auction Sale


  • Cash only home buyers
  • Seller Carry Back Homeowner loans
  • Homes with a pool.
  • Homes with a fireplace
  • Corporate owned properties / homes owned by a company
  • Homeowners of old homes / Homes Built Before 1900
  • Homes owned by a trust.
  • Vacant homeowners / Vacant homes
  • Condo homeowners
  • Homeowners in high-rise buildings