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Home Based Business Leads: 4.4 million leads*
*All home-based business leads have company name and company phone#.
*All home-based business leads selectable by type of business, sales, employee size.
*Consumer demographics (age of owner, income, etc.) available with home business leads.
*Over 600,000 of the home-based business leads have website.
*Home-based business email leads have a 90+ percent accuracy rate or “money-refund.”
*Home-based business direct mail leads have 95% accuracy rate or “money-refund.”
*How many home-based business leads by sales volume / # of employees? Below.

TIP FOR BUYING HOME BUSINESS LEADS: Never buy a home operated business list that does not include company name and business firmographics. If these key business qualifiers are not available, then very likely a shady data company is selling home office leads masked as home operated businesses.

PRICING: Buy home-based business direct mail list: $200 Minimum Order
PRICING: Buy home-based business email list: $775 Minimum Order

MONEY-REFUND QUALITY GUARANTEE: Of course all sellers promise quality, BUT note that we support our promise with a “money” refund guarantee … not a “replacement” guarantee … a “money-refund” guarantee!

Home Office Leads – SOHO Leads: over 15,000,000*
Home offices are NOT businesses! Rather this list consists of individuals that have reported on surveys that they have a home office. The SOHO (Small Office – Home Office) leads typically consists of telecommuters – employees that periodically work from home leads. This SOHO email list / direct mail list also includes people who classify themselves as “self-employed” … though may not have a registered business license / official legal business status.

Self-Employment Email Leads – Mailing List Leads
Self-employed seniors
Affluent self-employed
Low Income self-employed
Self-employed millennials


  1. Online office supply buyers – office supplies delivered to “residential” address
  2. Frequent retail buyers of office supplies
  3. Home Business Magazine Subscribers: Over 100,000 business owner subscribers to the leading publication for home-based entrepreneurs and telecommuters who frequently work from home
  4. New home-based business leads … just started their company from home during the last 12 months: 195,000
    *This custom home-based business list offers the opportunity to reach entrepreneurs / new startups in their infancy stage, BEFORE they grow into America’s next big company.
  5. Entrepreneur Magazine Subscribers: over 1.7 million
    *selectable at home address or business / commercial location address
  6. Licensed Professionals at Home Address
    Licensed Stock Broker leads
    Licensed Cosmetologists leads
    Licensed Manicurists leads
    Licensed Nurses leads
    Licensed Pilots leads
    Independent Owned Truck Operators

*Do you want small business owners leads – at commercial location?