Golf Email Lists – Golf Email Addresses


  1. We’ve a 25 year history of providing quality / accurate data. We were providing golf mailing lists before golf email addresses even existed.
  2. We offer “verified” real golfers. Not golfers inferred by some fancy model.
  3. Our extensive sources (below chart) give you the optimal number of active golfers.

    golf data compilation chart

  4. We offer you an extensive selection of demographics (exact age, income, net worth, home value, home equity, marital status, etc) to help your pinpoint your ideal golf prospects.
  5. With our golf database you can also select golfers by other lifestyles/hobbies … such as golfers that like art, play tennis, travel frequently, invest in real estate, etc.
  6. Not sure which demographics to use … we can provide you with a detail demographic analysis showing which demographic profile is performing best for you.
  7. Along with an email list we can give you the direct mail addresses. The one-two punch (direct mail + email) will for sure boost your response rates!
  8. As a value-added service – we can append email addresses to your in-house file.
  9. 100% of our email addresses are opt-in!
  10. 100% of our email addresses are deliverable!


  • African American Golfers
  • Boat owners that play golf
  • Frequent travelers that play golf
  • Golfer that own 3+ real estate properties
  • Golfers that also play tennis
  • Golfers that are business owners
  • Golfers that are frequent online buyers
  • Golfers that are real estate investors
  • Golfers that enjoy art / cultural living
  • Golfers that gamble
  • Golfers that love wine
  • Renters that play golf
  • Very Affluent Golfers (top 1% in net worth)
  • Very young golfers (age 18-29)