Construction Mailing List Facts



  1. BUSINESS TURNOVER: The number of construction companies / independent contractors that enter and leave the construction industry is staggering, and for this reason keeping a construction mailing list up-to-date is a huge challenge … but a challenge that we have achieved through phone surveys AND multiple source verifications. Compiling a list of plumbers from a directory and then selling that name is NOT our way! Instead we call the plumber to make sure the plumber is still in business. As important … we seek multiple verification sources; in fact, over 80% of our construction names have been verified by at least two sources. Bottom-line, our construction mailing lists may be expensive, but for sure you’ll regain your investment with a construction mailing list with THE best deliverability in the industry.

  3. PRIMARY BUSINESS FUNCTION: No doubt contractors are the jack-of-all-trades! It’s not uncommon to find a painter than does plumbing … or an electrician that does roofing. Unfortunately this fact may represent a challenge to the construction supplier – since it’s not always wise to send a plumbing catalog to a painter … who happens to do little plumbing on the side. If your goal is to maximize R.O.I., then it’s best to focus on companies that primarily do the trade that you’re targeting. Because of this key value we’ve invested many resources in identifying the “primary” business function.

  5. QUANTITY: The construction industry consists of many independent contractors that do not advertise in the yellow pages nor are listed in specialized construction directories. For this reason you’ll find that many mailing list suppliers are missing a good many of the contractors. Not here! Because of our continual 25 year effort to compile from multiple sources – we’ve become the market leader in providing the most extensive construction database. With our construction mailing lists you’ll not miss key prospects – selling opportunities.