Boat Owner Names


We offer The Most Boat Owner Email Addresses – Mailing Addresses because we use more than just boat registrations for compilation. Most boat owner data sellers compile mainly from public boat registrations … and this is a big mistake since you will miss a lot of boat owners with this single source compilation method.

For example, there are about 1,000,000 boat owners in California, but most boat owner list sellers that are showing less than 100,000 boat owners. Why? Because they are relying on boat registrations as their primary compilation source. Some states/municipalities do not require boat owners to register vessels that are not used on public waters. Plus, many states/municipalize do not allow public access to boat registrations. Bottom-line, you’re missing a lot of boat owners if you’re relying on boat registrations as your boat own list source.



Our Master Boat Owners Database is compiled from boat registrations AND a very broad collection of niche boat owner lists: Boat Show Attendees, Boating Magazines, Boat Owner Surveys, Boat Rentals, Boat Club Rosters, Boat Supply Retail Purchases, and an array of other niche boat list sources.

According to a survey funded by the United States Coast Guard, there are over 60,000,000 watercraft owners in the U.S. Here’s a listing by type:

Canoe 9,594,813
Kayak 4,534,624
Rowboat 5,290,063
Inflatable 3,411,878
Pontoon boat 4,595,531
Houseboat 1,004,883
Sailboat (motor) 1,455,718
Sailboat (sail only) 1,808,064
Open motorboat 15,086,229
Cabin motorboat 3,346,806
Personal watercraft 7,508,829
Other type of craft 1,514,408
TOTAL *59,151,846

*This Boat owner list quantity is from an old survey, so the quantity is even higher today.




  • Recreational fishing was the most popular activity on the boat operated most often (51%) and cruising was the second most popular (44%). About 29% of boat operators reported that they swam or dove off their boats.
  • The majority of boating done on the boat operated most often was on lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and gravel pits (52%). The second most popular type of water was rivers, streams, and creeks (21%).
  • Houseboats are the least likely to be owned by their boaters but they are the most likely to be rented.
  • Aside from houseboats, canoes and kayaks are most often rented; and they are also often borrowed.
  • The type of vessel that is most often owned by someone else is a sailboat with auxiliary motor.
  • Open motorboats, the craft with the highest level of exposure, were most likely to be owned—owned by more than 10.6 million boaters.
  • Canoes were next most often owned, with more than 3.8 million boaters owning a canoe. Canoes were the most often rented and borrowed vessel, rented by more than 2.8 million boaters and borr owed by an additional nearly 1.8 million.
  • Overall, participation in boating organizations was low, with fewer than 5% participation in most and less than 1% participation in many.<
  • The most often held membership was in the Boat Owners Association of the United States (Boat U.S.), with 11% participation.
  • Membership in a yacht club or marina was the next most frequent, with 8% participation.