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Largest Postal List – Email List of Fashion Buyers

In our 30+ years of providing apparel buyers mailing lists, we have built alliances with an extensive number of companies that collect apparel data: lifestyle survey companies, magazine publishers, website registrations, direct response buyers / catalog marketers, and an array of niche sources.

Whether you’re seeking fashionistas email leads or a mailing list of bargain fashion buyers … we have the fashion leads! Below are just a few ways we can segment your fashion buyers email list – postal list.

Affluent Women Apparel Shoppers
Bargain Fashion Shoppers
Big and Tall Fashion Shoppers
Fashion Buyers by Marital Status
Fashion Buyers by Occupation (White Collar vs Blue)
Fashion Buyers w/Golfer Country Club Look
Fashionistas Shoppers
Frequent Online Clothing Shoppers
High-End Fashion Shoppers
Luxury Fashion Brand Shoppers
Manhattan Millennial Fashion Shoppers
Plus Size Fashion Shoppers
Seniors that are Petite Fashion Shoppers
Yoga Apparel Shoppers


APPAREL BUYER MAILING LIST QUANTITY: Our extensive number of sources results in the largest opt-in email list / mailing list of apparel buyers / accessory buyers / footwear buyers.

APPAREL BUYER MAILING LIST QUALITY: Along with high quantity, extensive source collection also optimizes quality / accuracy … since we are able to verify all apparel buyer mailing list names by 2+ sources. Plus, each month every mailing address is verified. Our apparel buyer mailing list has a 95+ percent delivery guarantee or “money” refund!

Big & Tall Buyers Mailing List / Email List
Plus Size Buyers Mailing List / Email List
Accessory Buyers Mailing List / Email List
High-End Buyers Mailing List / Email List
Bargain Apparel Shoppers Mailing List / Email List
Teen with Apparel Buying Power Mailing List / Email List
Footwear, Sportswear, Formalwear Email Lists / Mailing Lists
Fashion Magazine Readers Email List / Mailing List
Frequent Retail Clothing Buyers Email List / Mailing List
Upscale Department Store Credit Holders Email List / Mailing List

With any of the primary apparel / footwear / accessory categories, we recommend that you use our demographic and lifestyle qualifiers to further refine your email list / mailing list. To review Click Here. Below are some list strategies for creating a custom apparel buyer email list / mailing list.


How to order an email list / mailing list of fashion conscious of women / men?Occupation is a proven mailing list strategy for reaching fashion conscious men & women. Lawyers, architects, interior designers, fashion designers, ad agencies, PR firms, and hair stylists are a few occupations for ordering a mailing list with a great propensity of chic dressing women and men.

How to order an email list / mailing list of high-end apparel buyers?
Of course not all rich people buy high-end footwear, clothing, accessories, etc. High-end apparel buying is driven by lifestyle just as much as income. For example, car style is one way to order a high-end apparel buyers email list / mailing list. For example, targeting women that drive BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls-Royce, etc is a sure way to create an email list of high-end women apparel buyers.

How to order an email list / mailing list of children apparel buyers?
Maternity wear buyers, Infant Apparel Buyers, Toddler Apparel Buyers, and Children Apparel Buyers … if these are your apparel targets then we recommend you visit our Master Households with Children Database … which offers a massive number of apparel shoppers with many options to further qualify your email list / mailing list. CLICK HERE

How to order an email list / mailing list of trendy teens / teens with buying power:
An effective way to reach teens that buy high-end stylish clothing is by using our High Income Household Mailing List … with a teenage qualifier. You may target households by the specific age and gender of the teenagers. Plus, to increase the odds that the teenagers are stylish shoppers, consider targeting parents with specific occupations; if parents are fashion conscious then most likely their teenage children are fashion conscious … with the money to supper their fashion desires.

This is one of our bestselling apparel mailing list … probably for the simple reason that this segment is booming. According to a recent study by eMarketer, apparel and accessories represent THE fastest growing categories for online shopping … over $45 billion dollars. And this booming market is going to continue. Many of these frequent online apparel / fashion buyers consist of working mothers, busy executives, seniors, and consumers located in rural areas.

This list typically performs well for apparel offers probably because consumers located in rural areas have fewer clothing / fashion retailers … thus this group seeks online apparel shopping options.

This list is performing well probably because seniors have money … and are becoming more accustomed to buying apparel / fashion products online. In fact an eMarketer study indicates that the 55+ age group is the fastest growing age segment for online apparel shopping.

According to industry studies the average American women wears size 14+, and this plus size group represents 67% of the US population. In other words our mailing list / opt-in email list of plus size buyers, offers apparel marketers an opportunity to easily reach America’s largest apparel segment.

Furthermore, research shows that plus size clothing buyers have a difficult time finding quality stylish plus size clothing options … with their plus sizes often located on a few racks in the back of a retail store. With our plus size apparel buyer email list / mailing list, plus size marketers have an opportunity to present stylish clothing offers to America’s largest apparel segment … that are seeking for more plus size buying sources.



Fashion Sense and Style Magazine Subscribers:  206,919 mailing list addresses. This custom mailing list consists of consumers who are seeking to learn about the latest fashion trends, styles, and designs. If you want a list of fashionistas – then this mailing list will work for you.

MORE Magazine: Subscribers to a magazine of articles on beauty, career, fashion, health, money, relationships, and travel for women age 40+. If you’re seeking a mailing list of middle women that are fashion conscious – then this mailing list will work for you.

Vogue Magazine Subscribers: Over 600,000 mailing addresses of women you are passionate about fashion.

GQ Magazine Subscribers: Over 400,000 mailing addresses of men who are passionate about style. No doubt many of names on this list consist of frequent men high-end apparel buyers.

Teen Vogue Magazine Subscribers: If you’re seeking the young trendsetters then this mailing list offers an excellent source. 11% male, 73% female; average age 19.

Other Apparel Buyers / Fashion Conscious Consumers: Subscribers to Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Self, Seventeen, Lucky, Allure, and Shape … are other magazines that will help you reach passionate apparel buyers.