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AIRCRAFT OWNERS EMAIL LEADS: We offer more aircraft owner email leads than any other data provider. Plus, we offer the lowest cost per email lead … and will match any email list rate that matches our money-refund email list quality guarantee. And note aircraft owner email leads have a 90+ percent accuracy rate!

CORPORATE AIRCRAFT OWNERS: Most aircrafts are owned by companies – and of course we can provide the corporate address for these businesses. And in many cases, we can provide the email address of a key decision maker at the company (Owner, President, CEO, VP, etc).

INDIVIDUAL AIRCRAFT OWNERS: This group (over 150,000) consists of private airplane owners at “home address.” Many of our affluent marketers use this custom list to reach very affluent people.

Aircraft Type: Fixed Wing Single Engine, Fixed Wing Multi Engine, Rotocraft, etc.
Aircraft Manufacturer: Cessna, Piper Aircraft, Raytheon, Cirrus, Beechcraft, etc.
Number of Seats: 1, 2, 3, etc.
Year Manufactured.

Small businesses that own a private jet.
Private airplane owners list by net worth
Companies that own more than one private jet.
Non-Aviation companies that own a plane.
Corporate plane owners by # of employees at company.
Airplane owners mailing list by “owner’s age”

Flying Adventures Magazine: Subscribers to a magazine that provides safety and travel education to aircraft owners. 78% male, 19% female; average age 47.

USE AIRCRAFT OWNER LEADS FOR LUXURY REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OFFERS:Aircraft owners email leads – mailing list – works great for faraway real estate offers (Caribbean, Aspen vacation home buyers) as these affluent airplane owners can fly to their Caribbean resort at moment’s notice. And this concept applies to any resort that is far from buyer’s home address; example, a snow ski enthusiast in Atlanta can simply hop in his plane to reach his vacation home in Aspen.