Email List Services

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and email list blasting services may blacklist a company if their email list has a high undeliverable and/or SPAM rate. To help prevent such you may consider our “Email List Validation Service.” For just a few pennies per/name this email list service will determine which email addresses are deliverable. Here’s how:

  • Identify basic syntax and format errors within your email address.
  • Verify that your email address is using a primary domain (.com, .net, .biz, .org, etc)
  • Identify incorrect address formats for popular domains (aol, hotmail, etc)
  • Verify that domain / mailbox accepts mail.

EMAIL APPEND (includes Consumer Email Append and Business Email Append)
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Our email list tracking system offers you the opportunity to test, test, test. We can tell you who opened your emails, which links were the most effective, who clicked-through to your web site/landing page. Unlike direct mail – with an email list you can cheaply and effectively test. An email list provides the perfect opportunity to test different offers, copy, creative, and email list segments. We can split your email list in two parts (A/B Testing) and send “A” one type of copy … and “B” another type of copy. Or maybe you wish to test an image (creative); here we can send image 1 to email list “A” … and image 2 to email list “B.” We can even compile metrics (opens, click-thrus) for different segments within your business email list; maybe small companies like your email offer more than large companies. Or we could segment your business email list by “years-in-business,” and try to learn if the age of the business influences your response rate. And of course the same logic applies to consumer email lists; here you may test a wide range of consumer demographics and lifestyles. The options are limitless. Lastly, the knowledge you gain from your email list tests can be applied to improve and maximize your direct mail list results.


The success of your custom email marketing campaign can be greatly affected by the email design. SPAM filters at Yahoo, AOL, and many corporations will block your email list for simple errors … such as incorrect spacing in the subject line. To make sure your email list achieves maximum deliverability, our SPAM analysis software and experienced email design team will review your email for design flaws … which may trigger a SPAM filter. For example, we’ll look for common red flag words or characters in your subject line, text to image ratios, file sizes of your message, and several other important criteria,, and then we’ll provide you with suggestions for correcting and improving your email design.


If you don’t already have an email design, then call  888-395-6727 and ask for email design team.

Business email lists are available for every business market (plumbers, clothing retailers, independent restaurants, auto repair shops, insurance agents, etc). Better yet – you can increase your email list open rate by using our array of business demographics (job function, years-in-business, etc) to customize a business email list consisting of email prospects most likely to respond. For example, instead of targeting all beauty salons, you could email salons that have 5+ employees. For tips call  888-395-6727 or EMAIL the specifications for your custom email business list.


  • Attorney and Lawyer Email Lists: 300,000+
  • Auto Repair Email List: 119,560
  • Chiropractor Email List: 26,840
  • Construction Email List: 342,788
  • Dentist Email List: 48,360
  • Farmers Email List: 62,220
  • Insurance Agents Email List: 226,920
  • Landscapers Email List: 26,840
  • Office Manager Email List: 148,840
  • Owners/Presidents/CEOs Email List: 1,351,760
  • Physicians Email List: 157,380
  • Restaurants Email List: 151,063
  • Small Business Owners Email List: 1,018,180

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We can provide you with literally millions and millions of opt-in consumer email addresses, but of course you don’t need millions and millions. What you need is a highly targeted qualified consumer email list! A qualified consumer email list of 50,000 names will give you a significantly higher ROI than an unqualified list of 250,000 names. If you’re not sure of the profile for top buyers – then consider a “Profile Analysis.” If you already know the demographics / lifestyles for creating your custom consumer email list … then simply call
888-395-6727 or EMAIL us your specifications … and we’ll email you a quantity of the available qualified email prospects.


Note that there’s a limit to how many offers … per week … that can be sent to our opt-in email list, and this policy is good for you since an email offer loses power if it has to compete with many other email offers. The unfortunate weakness of this policy is that some of the popular email list segments could have a 2 to 5 day waiting period. As well as trying to target each email to it’s most relevant target group, we endeavor to keep our email lists as responsive as possible by limiting the number of offers that any address receives within specific time periods.