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The AFFLUENT DATABASE offers the best and most comprehensive high wealth data! Millionaires, multi-millionaires, $100,000,000 business owners, and richer … we’ve the names. For over 30 years our clients have used our refined high net worth database to successfully reach the very affluent. Developers selling $5,000,000 condos, hedge fund companies looking for $1,000,000 investors, yacht dealerships, private jet services … these are just some of our high-end clients.


THE largest database of affluent households … and all
affluent leads have a “money-refund” data accuracy guarantee.

Full Contact Name … 95% accurate or money-refund
Affluent Direct Mail Leads … 95% accurate or money-refund
Affluent Email Leads … 95% accurate or money-refund
Affluent Phone Leads … 95% accurate or money-refund


Net Worth $2,000,000+: over 10,000,000 affluent leads
Home Value $2,000,000+: over 2,000,000 affluent leads
Home Equity $1,000,000+: over 1,000,000 affluent leads

Affluent Households Mailing List: 3 to 9 cents per, $250 Minimum.
Affluent Households Email List: 9 to 18 cents per, $975 Minimum.
Affluent Email Leads: under 10 cents per when combined with affluent DM order

Not all affluent consumers are alike, so use our extensive array of demographic / psychographic qualifiers to customize your affluent consumer leads.

Affluent Households Financial Qualifiers: Income, net worth, home value, equity, modeled FICO Score.

Affluent Households Demographic Qualifiers: Age, gender, marital status, race/ethnicity, education level, occupation.

Affluent Households Psychographic Qualifiers: Lifestyle Interests/Hobbies … golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, boating, international traveling, Caribbean vacations, etc.


USE OUR AFFLUENT HOUSEHOLD LEADS TO REACH RICH PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK: You can reach affluent households on Facebook by simply uploading our affluent consumer leads to Facebook. Thus, our affluent household leads offer three direct marketing applications. In fact, 1-2-3 marketing (direct mail + email + Facebook) will give you more affluent buyers than any other affluent direct marketing campaign.

AFFLUENT HOUSEHOLDS MAILING LIST GUARANTEE: Many dubious data sellers have very weak affluent models … thus selling you names that are nowhere near affluent. Our net worth model (more info below) is based on 30+ years of compilation, verification, experience. When we provide you with an affluent mailing list using a net worth of $1,000,000+ … we are 90% certain the financial qualifier is correct. We are so confident that we offer a “money” refund guarantee … that is clearly described on website and invoice. Some dubious data sellers offer a so-called “replacement” guarantee … tell-tale sign of low quality … NOT bona-fide affluent household leads.

The cornerstone of the ULTRA AFFLUENT DATABASE is the NET WORTH model … which calculates NET WORTH by analyzing an array of wealth related data. Below are just some of the factors in the NET WORTH algorithm.

Airplane Ownership
AMA Physician Profiles
Annual Surveys
Auto Type
Boat Yacht Licenses
Club Memberships
Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reports
Federal Election Commission Contribution Data
Home Equity
Home Value Data
Home Purchase Price
IRS Section 522 Directors
Marquis Who’s Who Biographies
Neighborhood Profile
Pension Data from Federal Form 5500
Philanthropic Gifts
Securities & Exchange Commission Filings
State Business Registrations
State Political Donations